Connectivity Assessment for Regions

Assessing Regional Connectivity and Accessibility

Connectivity is key to regional competitiveness. Regions benefit from a high level of connectivity and accessibility for:

  • attracting businesses;
  • increasing number of incoming tourists;
  • enhancing social development;
  • increasing employment figures;
  • growing consumer welfare.   

But do you know how your region is connected to other regions? Do you know the weak and strong spots in your regions connectivity performance, for various modes? What are the so-called white spots in your region’s connectivity? How is your region connected to other regions in comparison with competing regions in Europe? How can you improve the connectivity and accessibility and, with that, the competitiveness of your region?

Better accessible regions are economically more successful: the higher the connectivity per capita, the higher the GDP per capita. Better connected regions are more productive and new international routes by air lead to a growth in foreign direct investment in the region.

Taking the aforementioned effects of the connectivity and the accessibility of your region into account, it is important to have detailed insight into the connectivity and accessibility performance of your region. This includes a proper benchmark of your region’s connectivity and accessibility with competing regions. This allows you to identify the gaps in your region’s accessibility and develop strategies to mitigate them.

SEO Aviation Economics, in cooperation with the Assembly of European Regions (AER), can offer a wide range of custom-made products to you and is happy to assist you on connectivity and accessibility-related issues you encounter, including:

  • A scan of your region’s connectivity and accessibility level(s) at the desired level of detail;
  • A comparison of your region’s connectivity with (a selection of) competing European regions of your choice at the desired level of detail;
  • An analysis of your region’s connectivity level, divided by type of connectivity, to your region important destination regions;
  • Identification of the so-called “white spots” of your region: the destination regions that are underserved in comparison with competing regions;
  • An advise on how to improve your connectivity levels.

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