Independent applied economic research

Central to the mission of SEO Amsterdam Economics is the conducting of independent applied research on behalf of the public sector and business community. The independence of SEO's research means that it is carried out:

  • without prejudice, political nuance or personal interest;
  • as agreed with the client, but without being decisive for or contributory to the research results;
  • without the results of the research being dependent on any financial interest.

The results of the research follow from an expert application of generally accepted scientific principles and theories. Conclusions are based on an objective interpretation of the facts and a (statistically) sound analysis of the research material. Clients have to be able to trust that the integrity of the researchers involved in the research cannot be called into question. SEO has drawn up a code of conduct to give a further elaboration of the above-mentioned principles. Read the Code of Conduct on Conflict of Interest here.

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