Science at SEO Amsterdam Economics

SEO aims to be a niche player in the market for contract research, which distinguishes itself by the high quality of its research. This niche position can only be maintained and strengthened by monitoring and improving the scientific quality of the research and of the staff.

Two tracks
There are two tracks to boosting quality and guaranteeing the scientific nature of our work:

  • commissioned reports and
  • publications by SEO staff in scientific journals.

In SEO reports insights from scientific economic literature are translated into and used in practical solutions for issues in government and business. SEO applies economic science to practical questions that the government and business want answered. The answers to these questions, the conclusions from our research, help clients when making important decisions.

Scientific publications

In order to continually improve the scientific quality of SEO publications SEO undertakes scientific activities at a high level. Firstly, these involve the writing of scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, and secondly, our scientific research is presented at scientific conferences.

SEO spends a substantial budget to the scientific activities of SEO staff. This way, SEO aims to achieve a good synergy between contract research and its own scientific research, with the aim of guaranteeing the quality and scientific character of our organisation.

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