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Bert Hof

Bert Hof has over 15 years of experience with applied economic research as project leader, researcher, and supervisor. His research covers a wide variety of subjects and research techniques, focusing on policy evaluations, social cost-benefit analysis (SCBA), the energy market, governance codes, and the gambling market.

A recurring theme in his research is the question of whether and how markets function and what role the government plays in this. Bert considers issues from a perspective of welfare economics, with a focus on practical application of economic theory and empirical research.

Bert is a senior project leader in the Financial Markets & Finance group of SEO Amsterdam Economics. Recent projects include research on cross-subsidisation between books by publishers and book sellers in the Netherlands, compliance research on the Pension Funds Code and the Corporate Governance Code, the Policy Evaluation of Energy Innovation Measures, the social costs and benefits of shutting down coal-fired generating plants and of wind energy on the North Sea, and research on the factors that influence the consumers’ decision to opt for online games of chance.
Bert’s experience with Social Cost-Benefit Analyses covers topics such as the energy market, fire safety in houses, space travel, education, transport, heritage, spatial investments, and the organisation of (sports) events. In addition to leading, supervising, and conducting SCBAs, Bert is involved with the context of welfare economics in the form of work guides, assessment frameworks, and in-depth research. Examples of these include drawing up an assessment and regulation framework for investments in interconnectors, a methodology for evaluating the effects of space travel programmes, and his collaboration on the work guide for cost-benefit analyses in the social domain. 

In the period 2003-2009 Bert worked at SEO Amsterdam Economics as well, as a researcher in the Transport & Regions cluster and in the Labour & Education group. During that period he worked on social cost-benefit analyses (SCBAs) in the areas of transportation and land use investments and in areas such as digitization of audiovisual materials. In 2009-2011 Bert worked at the Dutch Ministry of Finance, amongst others as secretary of the interdepartmental work group on discount rates in SCBAs, and as one of the quartermasters for the likewise interdepartmental SCBA Core Team, which focuses on the methodology and practice of the SCBA instrument.

If you would like to know what Bert could do for your organisation, please feel free to contact him directly at:
+31 (0)20 525 1662

SEO reports

10.02.2017Public investments in the Netherlands

This report presents trends in public investments up until and including 2014.more

31.01.2017Cross-subsidization by booksellers and publishers

This report examines the phenomenon of cross-subsidization between book titles by publishers and booksellers in the Netherlands. The main objective is to provide quantitative insight into the degree of cross-subsidization. more

17.01.2017Code of the Dutch Pension Funds 2015

This report includes the compliance and in-depth study of the Code of the Dutch Pension Funds, conducted on behalf of the Monitoring Committee for the Code of the Dutch Pension Funds.more

04.01.2017Evaluation of the SDE+ scheme

The SDE+ scheme is the main policy instrument used by the government to contribute to achieving the renewable energy targets for 2020 and 2023. This study evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of the SDE+ instrument.more

23.12.2016Compliance with Corporate Governance Code

This study measures compliance with the principles and best practice provisions of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code in the fiscal year 2015. At 97 percent, overall compliance was high.more

12.07.2016Handbook for cost-benefit analysis of health care, education and labour market policies

Publication number: 2016-11A, 2016-11B Authors: C. Koopmans, A. Heyma, B. Hof, M. Imandt, L. Kok, M. Pomp Commissioned by: Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Ministry of Social...more

10.05.2016Social costs and benefits of the World Expo 2025

The contribution of the World Expo 2025 to welfare is likely to be negative. This is the outcome of an analysis of the social costs an       Edit Nieuws "Social costs and benefits of t..." on d benefits...more

02.05.2016Behavioural economics and the housing market

Behavioural economics offer new insights for housing market policy. By making use of these insights the government can make more informed decisions on whether it should implement policies as well as increase the effectiveness.more

11.04.2016Closure of coal-fired power plants

The early closure of the five remaining coal-fired plants has a positive effect on welfare for a total of €4.7 billion. That is the outcome of this study commissioned by Natuur & Milieu.more

12.02.2016Outsourcing in the gaming sector: safeguarding public interests

This research report deals with the question of how public interests can be safeguarded if gaming operators outsource business processes.more

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