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Daan in 't Veld

Daan in 't Veld is Researcher at the Competition and Innovation practice and specialises in quantitative models in industrial organisation.

Daan in 't Veld joined SEO Amsterdam Economics in 2015. Within the Big Data Science practice he is primarily engaged in market studies, among others in the field of telecommunication and the digital economy. His specialisation lies in quantitative models in industrial organisation. Besides his work at SEO he is also affiliated with the Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Finance (CeNDEF).

In 2014 Daan received his PhD cum laude at the University of Amsterdam. In his thesis Complex Systems in Financial Economics: Applications to Interbank and Stock Markets, he developed models for interbank and stock markets using both empirical and theoretical techniques. While writing his PhD thesis, he was a visiting researcher at De Nederlandsche Bank. Before his PhD research Daan studied Econometrics with a specialisation in Mathematical Economics. He concluded these studies with an analysis of the economic harm of cartel formation (Cartel harm and input substitutability).


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SEO reports

31.01.2017Cross-subsidization by booksellers and publishers

This report examines the phenomenon of cross-subsidization between book titles by publishers and booksellers in the Netherlands. The main objective is to provide quantitative insight into the degree of cross-subsidization. more

24.11.2016Social costs and benefits of Pantar services

What will the future role of sheltered employment organization Pantar be? This report describes the costs and benefits of the services provided by sheltered employment organization Pantar.more

12.10.2016The curse of the winning taxi

A study into the problem of abnormally low tenders in the taxi transportation sector.more

06.07.2016Economic opportunities for the Dutch cyber security sector

SEO and VKA present an exploratory study of the Dutch cyber security sector.more

12.02.2016Outsourcing in the gaming sector: safeguarding public interests

This research report deals with the question of how public interests can be safeguarded if gaming operators outsource business processes.more

24.09.2015Calculation model eID system

e-ID is an online authentication system that can establish with a high degree of certainty the identity and authority of someone intending to do an online transaction.more

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