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Emina van den Berg

Emina van den Berg is an experienced researcher in all fields of education, from primary and secondary to higher education. She has extensive expertise in efficiently collecting information from education establishments and students through surveys and interviews.

She uses this information in (quantitative) monitors and effect evaluations for various clients, including the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). Her expertise is not least focused on the process for these surveys. She is very competent at developing, programming, conducting, and analysing surveys among various target groups, and at revising and thoroughly studying the results of these surveys. To this end, she makes use of econometric analyses and tests, combined with a critical eye and an attitude aimed at solutions.

Within the field of education, Emina has researched several themes. Some of the issues she has dealt with recently include school costs, accessibility of education, and the effects of a master’s programme for teachers. What she likes most about her work with SEO, is the diversity of issues she deals with and being able to contribute to policy developments with her research. She always strives for the highest level of instructiveness in the presentation of her results.

Emina graduated in General Economics at the VU Amsterdam in 2005. During her study she developed a passion for quantitative methods and techniques, which she applied to her graduation thesis on developing economics. After graduation she worked for nearly two years for the independent evaluation department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department (IOB), where she was involved in the impact evaluations of primary education in Uganda and Zambia.

If you would like to know what Emina could do for your organisation, please feel free to contact her directly at: 
+31 (0)20 525 1639

SEO reports

09.01.2017Process evaluation of the Teachers Development Fund in the Netherlands

The Teachers Development Fund (in Dutch; LOF) offers teachers in primary and secondary education the opportunity to improve education by implementing their own innovative ideas. What are their experiences with LOF?more

30.11.2016Effects of a Master's programme on teachers and their environment

Following a Master's programme significantly increases the professional knowledge of teachers.more

06.09.2016Free doesn't make it (a) good (deal)

The Free School Books Act has not solved the underlying problems on the market for learning materials. However, the act did have positive effects for secondary education.more

18.01.2016Effects of a master's programme on teachers and their environment

What are the effects of following a master's programme on teachers and their environment? A first intermediate measurement gives an indication and tries to further interpret the observed effects through an realistic evaluation.more

04.01.2016The economic importance of childcare

What is the value of childcare for the Dutch economy? This question was posed by Brancheorganisatie Kinderopvang to SEO Amsterdam Economics.more

17.11.2015Ready for growth?

The Associate degree (Ad) is at a crossroads (again). In the coming years the Ad can (and must) truly prove its worth.more

13.11.2015Evaluation Act merger assessment (Wet fusietoets)

In collaboration with ResearchNed, Peter Huisman and Frans de Vijlder, SEO Amsterdam Economics has performed a legal evaluation of the Wet fusietoets (Act merger assessment). They advise a fundamental reassessment of the act.more

11.08.2015Actual and Perceived Bureaucracy

How much bureaucracy accompanied the provision of special educational needs to pupils before the introduction of Appropriate Education in the Netherlands? This baseline study examines the bureaucracy.more

13.08.2015Impact evaluation of a more open Higher Education Systemin the Netherlands

An additional number of higher education institutions were allowed to enter the regulated education market in the Netherlands from 2007 to 2015. The main aim of permitting new entrants was to evaluate their impact on the dynamics...more

13.08.2015Impact evaluation of a Master’s Degree for Teachersin the Netherlands

What is the impact of a Master’s degree for teachers in the Netherlands, on both teacher quality and student performance?more

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