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Lucy Kok

Lucy Kok has been working at SEO since 1 November 2000 as head of the group Health Care & Social Security. She has a broad overview of quantitative and qualitative research methods and sound knowledge of health care, social security, pension regulations, and the childcare industry. 

Lucy Kok has conducted much theoretical and empirical research into the implications of financial stimuli. She takes into account both the intended implications and the negative effects of financial stimuli. For example, she has researched the continuation of pay in the event of illness, the implications of premium differentiation in the WW (unemployment insurance) and the ZW (sickness benefit), the implications of the introduction of the Work and Social Assistance Act (Wet Werk en Bijstand, WWB) on the number of people eligible for social assistance, and the introduction of a different system of funding for general practitioners.

She is an expert in the field of reintegration. She has done research on the long-term effects of reintegration for people for receive unemployment benefit or social security. Furthermore, she has conducted several studies into arrangements for people in the WW and WWB to start self-employment.
In the field of industrial organisation, she applied the structure-conduct-performance paradigma on the health insurance market, the market for child care, and the market for re-employment services. Specifically she studied the potential implications of hospital mergers and the effect of no cure no pay contracts in the market for re-employment services.

She has also performed many cost-benefit analyses, for example of health care interventions, reintegration, and child care. She was also a co-author for the Work Guide for cost-benefit analyses in the social domain.

Lucy studied Economics at the University of Groningen and then worked for the University of Groningen, the Emancipatieraad ('Emancipation Council'), the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and the Institute for Research on Public Expenditure (IOO). During her time at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment she was responsible for the financial estimates for social security and pensions, and at the IOO Research Manager, social security and healthcare.


If you would like to know what Lucy could do for your organisation, please feel free to contact her directly at:
+31 (0)20 525 1635

SEO reports

23.12.2016The theory and practice of second track reintegration

More than one third of employees following a second track programme are re-employed.more

22.12.2016Effects modernization Sickness Benefits Act

One-year reassessment and premium differentiation in the new Sickness Benefits Act result in increased outflow from the Sickness Benefits Act.more

22.12.2016Cross-border pension administration

At present 19 Dutch pension schemes are administered abroad, mainly in Belgium. The question is whether this number is still growing and for what reasons pension schemes are accommodated abroad.more

24.11.2016Social costs and benefits of Pantar services

What will the future role of sheltered employment organization Pantar be? This report describes the costs and benefits of the services provided by sheltered employment organization Pantar.more

05.10.2016Costs and benefits of a new approach to domestic violence and child abuse

A preliminary study on the possibilities of a social cost-benefit analysis.more

03.10.2016The Competition Act in primary health care

Does the Competition Act (Mededingingswet) limit the collaboration between primary health care providers? If so, does it concern actual obstacles or is it the result of uncertainties amongst primary health care providers about...more

22.08.2016Wmo Veenendaal

Do higher personal contributions result in the avoidance of Wmo care in the Municipality of Veenendaal? This study shows the extent and consequences of care avoidance.more

13.07.2016Distribution of secondments and placements amongst hiring employers

First measurement in connection with the Wet banenafspraak en quotum arbeidsbeperkten (Employment agreement and Quota for work-incapacitated persons Act)more

12.07.2016Handbook for cost-benefit analysis of health care, education and labour market policies

Publication number: 2016-11A, 2016-11B Authors: C. Koopmans, A. Heyma, B. Hof, M. Imandt, L. Kok, M. Pomp Commissioned by: Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Ministry of Social...more

25.05.2016The demand for speech and language therapy

Can developments in the composition and health status of the population explain the growing use of speech therapy?more

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