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Marloes Lammers

Marloes Lammers has a doctorate in labour economics and has 10 years of experience with research in the field of labour, social security, and health care.

She is an expert on (quantitative) policy evaluations in social security. She has led projects on topics such as the effectiveness of reintegration plans, continued pay in case of illness, the implications of premium differentiation in social insurancy, and changes in pension regulations. Furthermore, she has ample experience with calculations of purchasing power based on administrative databases. Marloes is very knowledgeable on available (micro)data and econometric methods, such as regression techniques, duration models, and matching.

In her research, Marloes also uses qualitative techniques. For SEO she has interviewed both large and small employers on labour policy and absenteeism and she participated in discussions with management of health care institutions. Marloes has supervised various focus groups of health care professionals and has formulated surveys on topics such as the affordability of pensions and employment opportunities in health care.

Finally, Marloes has conducted a number of cost-benefit analyses for medical interventions at SEO. For example, she researched the costs and benefits of the treatment of asthma and COPD, the costs and benefits of dietary advice, and the costs and benefits of occupational therapy. Her economic and econometric background comes in handy when making such calculations.

Marloes graduated cum laude in 2006 with an MSc in Economics from the VU University Amsterdam. This was followed by a two-year Research Masters at the Tinbergen Institute, where she specialised in Econometrics and Empirical Micro-economics. Marloes has worked as a (senior) researcher at SEO since 2011, after a period as doctoral candidate at VU University Amsterdam. In 2017, she obtained her doctorate with her dissertation on the effects of various financial stimuli on job choices. A number of her articles have been published in renowned international journals, such as the European Economic Review and Labour Economics.


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SEO reports

02.02.2017Highly educated people of 35-44 years old in the risk equalization

Health insurers are overcompensated for highly educated people between 35 and 44 years old.more

22.12.2016Effects modernization Sickness Benefits Act

One-year reassessment and premium differentiation in the new Sickness Benefits Act result in increased outflow from the Sickness Benefits Act.more

04.10.2016Distribution model income portion Participation Act 2017

The government distributes the money for social assistance benefits amongst municipalities. In this study, the distribution model is further developed based on register data regarding all Dutch citizens.more

07.07.2016WOR 782 Foreign seasonal workers

Insurers are overcompensated for non-residents as part of the risk equalization. In 2013, the overcompensation amounted to € 75 to € 667 per insured year.more

05.01.2016Working on

Digital services for the unemployed have evolved substantially since 2012. What are the effects on customer satisfaction and service effectiveness?more

01.12.2015Pilot project WGA activation

As part of the pilot project WGA activation, five locations of UWV WERKbedrijf (the Public Employment Service division of the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency UWV) were given extra budget to activate people on WGA benefits. This...more

30.11.2015Sustainability of debt restructuring

What happens to debtors who have successfully gone through a debt restructuring process? That's the central question in this study. This question has been answered on the basis of data analysis and interviews.more

10.08.2015Trends in Spending Power among the Post-Active Population

The spending power of the elderly declined more in the 2009-2013 period than that of people in work, mainly owing to a reduction in supplementary pension income.more

12.08.2015Risk Adjustment Research Working Group 736: Foreign Seasonal Workers

Insurers are being overcompensated for foreign seasonal workers. Foreign seasonal workers who worked in the Netherlands in 2012 show a positive result of about 320 euros per insured per year.more

04.09.2015The Value of Dietetics for Malnourished Hospital Patients

Treatment of malnourished hospital patients by dietitians yields substantial annual returns. more

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