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Menno van Benthem

Menno van Benthem has a PhD in Energy Economics. He is an experienced researcher and has many years of business experience. He specialises in research on the functioning of regulated markets and the interaction between market and government. 

At SEO, Menno focuses on the impact of regulation and government activity in different markets. This also involves related subjects, such as regulatory burden, state aid, and public tenders. His primary focus is on the energy industry and the digital economy. Within the energy industry, he has studied, among other things, policies for promoting energy saving, the cost price of offshore wind, the development of flexibility markets, and the market for green power. In the field of digital economy, he has examined the social costs and benefits of digital government projects, the market for electronic identification, and the economic impact of meta search engines. Additionally, he has studied diverse economic sectors such as the housing market, tourism, and financial markets. 

Menno has a thorough knowledge of various research methods. He regularly conducts qualitative analyses based on literature research and interviews. Furthermore, he is an experienced model builder and programmer. He is particularly interested in system dynamics and agent-based computational economics. Both methods are ideally suited for explaining the behaviour of complex systems and understanding social transition processes. Menno is also well-versed in social cost-benefit analysis. 

After studying Natural Sciences and Policy Studies at Utrecht University, he worked as a researcher at TNO. At this research institute, he studied the liberalization and regulation of the natural gas market. In 2010, he obtained a PhD degree from the University of Groningen with his thesis “Optimizing the structure of the natural gas market using an agent-based modeling framework”. Subsequently, he worked at E.ON for a number of years, as analyst and department head. He was responsible for product development, cost pricing and procurement of gas and electricity for the Dutch and Belgian market. He joined SEO in 2016.  


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29.09.2016Alternatives to government revenues from natural gas

An accelerated reduction of the gas production from the Groningen gas field will cost up to € 3.8 billion per year. SEO has designed four green tax packages that provide alternative income. more

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