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Paul Bisschop

Paul Bisschop has worked as a researcher at SEO since 2012. Over the past five years, Paul has gained extensive knowledge on the developments in Dutch education. His expertise includes private education services (‘shadow education’), equality of opportunities during the transfer from primary education to secondary education, and the connection between higher education and the labour market. Paul specialises in data analyses with education files and survey research.

Paul is a researcher within the group of Labour and Education. In the framework of education research, Paul often works with the large data sets of DUO. In the period of 2015 to 2018, Paul has made several contributions to the creation of the annual report ‘The State of Education’ by the Inspectorate of Education. For this, he has conducted econometric analyses relating to the school recommendation at the end of primary education, and the degree to which higher education is attuned to the labour market. In other projects, Paul frequently works with survey studies. He assumes the tasks of the survey design and programming, the analysis of the results and the translation to clear, meaningful conclusions.

Besides education research, Paul is regularly involved with labour market research, for instance on highly skilled migrants, the hiring of people over 50, and shortages on the labour market. In the framework of these studies, he likes to utilise his qualitative research skills. During the past years, Paul has interviewed many HR managers and directors on a variety of topics. He always takes into account the (political) context with which the interviewees are concerned.

At the end of 2011, Paul finished his master’s in Economics (specialisation Economics & Social Politics) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, with his thesis Street Prostitution Zones and Crime. In 2017, a further developed version of this thesis was published in the renowned American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.

If you would like to know what Paul could do for your organisation, please feel free to contact him directly at:
+31 (0)20 525 1637

SEO reports

26.10.2016Quality, reliability or innovation?

The market for learning materials in primary education is functioning adequately. Suppliers tailor their offering to the majority of schools. The innovation and digitalization of learning materials is a step-by-step process.more

16.06.2016Study & Work 2016

This report examines the labour market position of higher vocational and university graduates.more

02.06.2016Searching for LD positions in vmbo

Promotions of teachers to LD positions are very rare in preparatory secondary vocational education (vmbo). This report examines the causes.more

05.11.2015More possibilities for new schools?

The State Secretary of Education, Culture and Science wants more posiibilities for new schools. Under what conditions will the chosen scenario of policy measures have the desired effects for primary and secondary education?more

04.09.2015The Feasibility of New Schools in the Netherlands

How many new schools are founded in the Netherlands, how do they perform, what effect does current policy have, and what could be improved? more

10.08.2015New Schools: an Exploratory Study into the Effects of Non-Denomination-Based Planning

What effects do changes in policy on the founding of new schools have? This report is a combined summary of two preliminary studies carried out by SEO Economic Research and TIAS.more

14.04.2015Collective Bargaining Agreements in flux

What has been agreed in collective bargaining agreements during the past decade that could boost long-term employability and external mobility?more

20.11.2014Cross-Border Availability of Personnel

As we all know, EU enlargement has resulted in an increase in the numbers of labour migrants from Eastern Europe. But how many are there really, and what effects are they having on Dutch workers?more

27.02.2015STAN Labour Market Barometer North Holland 2014

How is the labour market of the province of Noord Holland expected to fare in 2014&2015? The STAN Labour Market Barometer Noord-Holland presents up-to-date estimates of the labour market.more

20.05.2015Exploratory Study into the Effect of Student Loans on Intake into Multi-Year Master’s Programmes

As students taking multi-year Master’s programmes will be faced with additional cost once the student loan system is introduced, there is a fear that intake into these programmes could decrease. Is this a plausible fear?more

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