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Rogier Lieshout

Rogier Lieshout is Head of SEO Aviation Economics. His research interests include airline and airport competition and the social economic value of air links. Rogier is also Director of Airneth, the world-wide scientific network for aviation research and policy in the Netherlands. Airneth stimulates the exchange of knowledge between academics and policy makers in the field of air transport by regularly organising seminars and workshops on relevant topics.

Rogier leads research projects for public and private parties in the Netherlands and abroad. Important clients include the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, the Royal Schiphol Group, the European Commission, ACI EUROPE, and IATA.

He is an expert in the field of aviation developments and the impact of aviation on the economy, the climate, and the environment. His specialties include connectivity studies, transport prognoses, and (economic) impact studies, such as social cost-benefit analyses (SCBA). For example; wat are the implications of Brexit, the expansion of airport capacity, or raising taxes in terms of passenger demand, the economy, the climate, and the environment? 

Rogier often gives guest lectures and publishes his work in scientific journals. As director of Airneth, the scientific knowledge network for aviation, he maintains good contacts within the academic world. 

Rogier studied Operations Research & Management at the University of Amsterdam. In 2004, he started working at SEO as a junior researcher for Regional Economics and Transport. In 2008, he transferred to the aviation group, where he worked his way up to senior researcher and eventually to group head.

If you would like to know what Rogier could do for your organisation, please feel free to contact him directly at:
+31 (0)20 525 1672

SEO reports

20.06.2018Airport Industry Connectivity Report 2018

ACI EUROPE - in partnership with SEO - released its fifth Airport Industry Connectivity Report. The report provides a comprehensive measurement and analysis of the way Europe’s air connectivity has evolved over the past 10 years.more

28.06.20162016 Airport Industry Connectivity Report

For the third time SEO Aviation Economics and ACI EUROPE are publishing an annual update on the state of European air connectivity.more

15.04.2016Economic benefits of European airspace modernization

A study commissioned by IATA shows that the European economy will be boosted by €245 billion in 2035 if European airspace is modernized. SEO calculates the impact if inefficiencies in Air Traffic Management were eliminated. more

05.11.2015The economic importance of Schiphol's hub function

Over the years, Schiphol airport has grown into a hub airport with an extensive network of destinations. This study examines the economic effects in case Schiphol would lose (part of) its hub function.more

01.07.2015Expanding Airport Capacity: Competition, Connectivity and Welfare

Discussion of Options for Gatwick and Heathrowmore

30.06.20152015 Airport Industry Connectivity Report

This report is an update of 'Airport Industry Connectivity Report 2004-2014'. It's focused on more recent developments and charting how Europe’s connectivity has evolved over the past 12 months.more

04.09.2015Five Years of Air France - KLM

This study shows that Air France-KLM has broadly kept to the terms of the State Assurances in the five years following the merger. more

03.02.2015Airport industry Connectivity report 2004-2014

The increase in airport connectivity in Europe over the past 10 years has been impressive – but it has clearly not been linear and has also been very much contrasted.more

18.12.2014Impacts of Expanding Airport Capacity on Competition and Connectivity

The case of Gatwick and Heathrowmore

06.02.2015Short and Medium-Term Forecasting Model for Airports

What would happen if more flights were to be moved to regional airports? How many passengers would switch to German or Belgian airports if a flight tax were to be introduced in the Netherlands?more

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