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Thierry Belt

Thierry Belt is a researcher in SEO’s Global Economics practice. At SEO, he specialises in applied macroeconomics, international trade, and evaluation research of economic policy and development programs.

Due to his studies, previous research projects and his activities at SEO, he is strong in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Thierry has applied his experience in conducting interviews, literature studies and quantitative research methods frequently during his work at SEO. Because of his earlier period as a student assistant at SEO’s Financial Markets & Finance practice, Thierry has an affinity with (the evaluation of) policy instruments.

Thierry holds a master’s in both “International Economics” and “Business Economics” from the University of Amsterdam. During his graduation phases, he has examined both the effects of globalization on within-country income inequality and the link between corporate social responsibility and firm performance. In addition, he has experience with conducting qualitative research in developing countries.


If you have any questions, please contact Thierry:
020 525 1658


19.03.2020Independent assessment of the AGRI3 Fund proposal

At the request of the Inclusive Green Growth Department (IGG) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), SEO has conducted an independent assessment of the request for funding related to the AGRI3 Fund Grant Proposal.more

18.12.2019Independent Evaluation of the FDOV Project “Pro Poor Potato”

Lessons learned from the ‘Pro Poor Potato’ project in Vietnam. Introduction of Dutch potato cultivars and cultivation practices in Vietnam. more

13.06.2019Evaluation of the “Flying Food” Project in Kenya: Can a Cricket Value Chain Fly?

The innovative development project ‘Flying Food’ has aimed to establish a sustainable cricket value chain in Kenya and Uganda. Despite various positive achievements, this goal was not (yet) reached.more

21.05.2019Dutch labour market shortages and potential labour supply from Africa and the Middle East: is there a match?

The Netherlands and many other EU countries increasingly face labour market shortages, while around one third of young people in countries near Europe are unemployed. Is there a potential match between demand and supply?more

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