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Tom Smits

Tom Smits is a researcher at SEO, specialising in building (financial) economic models, econometric analyses, and machine-learning techniques.

Tom has helped develop the SEO’s method for calculating direct and indirect effects on production and employment effects of government investments and policies. This method, which, among others, makes use of input-output tables, has since been used in many of the cost-benefit analyses and effect studies done by SEO on behalf of the Dutch Government. In this context, Tom has, for example, calculated the benefits of government investments in the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope and the return on investment of government aid for seaports. Tom also employs these methods for the Turistika Model, which calculates the effects of tourism on the economy of Curaçao.

Tom has extensive experience in (econometrically) analysing micro data related to Dutch households and companies. Among others, he has worked on the further development of the distribution model for the Participation Act and on various projects relating to international trade and trade agreements. He also performed quantitative analyses of different policy evaluations, such as the evaluation of entrepreneur tax schemes, the evaluation of tax schemes for business transfers, and the evaluation of the development fund Fondo Desaroyo Aruba.

In addition to his econometric experience, Tom possesses great knowledge on machine-learning techniques such as feature engineering, text mining, and neural networks. For instance, he has used the text in online reviews in order to explain and predict customer satisfaction. For the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Tom has built the tax burden model for companies, using cluster analysis on microdata sets of Statistics Netherlands (CBS) to find the best way in which to group companies.

Tom holds a master’s degree in Econometrics from the University of Amsterdam, where he specialized in mathematical economics. In addition, he holds a master’s degree in Civil Engineering.

If you would like to know what Tom could do for your organisation, please feel free to contact him directly at:
+31 (0)20 525 1671

SEO reports

18.05.2017Evalution fiscal entrepreneurship

In the Netherlands there are several fiscal policies with as their primary goal to stimulate entrepreneurship. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has commissioned SEO Amsterdam Economics to analyze the effectiveness and efficiency...more

09.02.2017Impact of Six EU Free Trade Agreements on the Dutch Economy

The European Union is considering six new Free Trade Agreements. The impact of these on the Dutch economy is positive but small. If all six envisaged FTAs take effect simultaneously, Dutch real GDP grows by 0.5 percent.more

03.02.2017Telecommunication in the Dutch Caribbean

This report describes the development of telecommunication markets in the Dutch Caribbean since the transition to the new constitutional status. Improved access to telecommunication services is an important development.more

04.10.2016Update of data for distribution model Participation Act 2017

In order to determine the provisional budgets for municipalities for 2017, the data used in the distribution model of the Participation Act should be updated.more

04.10.2016Distribution model income portion Participation Act 2017

The government distributes the money for social assistance benefits amongst municipalities. In this study, the distribution model is further developed based on register data regarding all Dutch citizens.more

06.07.2016Economic opportunities for the Dutch cyber security sector

SEO and VKA present an exploratory study of the Dutch cyber security sector.more

11.12.2015Recouping the benefits of government aid for seaports

What are the economic benefits of government aid for Dutch seaports? And how much of the money is recouped by the government, for example through higher tax revenues?more

20.03.2015Free Play: Towards a New Market Order for the Land-Based Gambling Market

The Dutch gambling market is to be modernized. SEO Economic Research analysed some scenarios for changes in the current restrictive market order in 2012.more

06.02.2015Evaluation of Tax Schemes to Facilitate Business Transfers

There are various tax schemes in the Netherlands to facilitate corporate succession and business transfers. But are they necessary, efficient and effective in achieving the policy objectives?more

01.10.2014Economic Effects of Restricting Tobacco Outlets

What would the economic effects of restricting the number of tobacco outlets be? This report identifies the economic effects on retail outlets if they were to be banned from selling tobacco.more

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