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Valentijn van Spijker

Valentijn van Spijker is a researcher at the aviation cluster of SEO Amsterdam Economics. He specializes in quantitative analysis methods and data visualisation.

His tasks mainly consist of quantitative analysis, such as connectivity analyses, welfare analyses, economic impact studies and GIS analyses. Some of his work includes an analysis into the economic effects of reducing aviation taxes in Latin America, he is involved in yearly connectivity analyses and has contributed to SEO’s Airport Catchment Area Database.

Next to carrying out quantitative analysis, Valentijn is involved in numerous project across the whole organisation for his data visualisation skills, being responsible for the elaboration of factsheets and infographics.

Valentijn obtained a master’s degree in Public Economics at the University of Amsterdam. For his master’s thesis he analysed the determinants of demand for income redistribution and how their effect varies over time using pseudo panel data.

If you would like to know what Valentijn could do for your organisation, please feel free to contact him directly at:
+31 (0)20 525 1651

SEO reports

25.07.2018Monitor Network Quality and State Guarantees 2009-2017

Schiphol’s direct and indirect connectivity show stronger growth than at all other airports included in this study. Additionally, Schiphol still shows better development than Paris Charles de Gaulle.more

25.06.2018Secondary Slot Trading at Schiphol

Airlines support a system of bilateral negotiation. This jeopardises transparency. Monitoring is required to gain insight into the effects.more

16.02.2017Monitoring Survey of Network Quality and State Guarantees 2016

The direct connectivity and hub connectivity of Schiphol grow faster than those of all other airports. Only the indirect connectivity has decreased, while most other airports record a growth.more

16.02.2017Benchmark study on airport charges and government levies 2016

Based on the tariffs in 2016, only Istanbul Ataturk is cheaper than Schiphol among the studied airports. The big competing hub airports, London Heathrow, Frankfurt and Paris Charles de Gaulle, are considerably more expensive.more

22.04.2016Monitoring Survey of Network Quality 2015

The Schiphol network developed substantially between 2014 and 2015. A combination of new destinations and increased frequency of flights to major hubs results in improved direct, indirect and hub connectivity.more

20.04.2016Economic benefits of reducing aviation taxes in Latin America and the Caribbean

Removal of aviation taxes can bring substantial economic benefits to the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean.more

15.04.2016Economic benefits of European airspace modernization

A study commissioned by IATA shows that the European economy will be boosted by €245 billion in 2035 if European airspace is modernized. SEO calculates the impact if inefficiencies in Air Traffic Management were eliminated. more

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