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Ward Rougoor

Ward Rougoor specialises in financial economic research. He has over 5 years of experience with (policy) evaluation research, both in a national and an international context.

Ward has much experience evaluating financial instruments. For instance, he has evaluated Qredits Microfinanciering, Project Financieringslink, and the Garantieregeling Scheepsnieuwbouwfinanciering on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In addition to this, Ward spends much of his time conducting evaluation research of joint international development projects. Examples include the evaluations of 2SCALE, the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF), and the Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV).

In addition to evaluation research, Governance is an important research theme for Ward. He was part of the research teams for four recent SEO studies on the Pension Funds Code and compliance of the Corporate Governance Code for stock market listed companies (financial years 2015 and 2016).

Ward possesses a broad range of quantitative and qualitative research methods. He is adept at (meta) regression analyses, cluster analyses and input-output models. Furthermore, he is knowledgeable on WACC and CAPM models and a broad range of valuation issues. He also has experience with social cost-benefit analyses (SCBAs), conducting surveys and (group) interviews, and conducting file analyses and literature research.

Ward has a master’s in International Economics and Globalisation from the University of Utrecht. In his master’s thesis, he modelled the global income inequality during the 21st century. An adapted version of this article was later published in World Development.


If you would like to know what Ward could do for your organisation, please feel free to contact him directly at: 
+31 (0)20 525 1633

SEO reports

21.11.2018Balance sheets, income and expenditure of special financial institutions (SFIs)

The Dutch government wants to introduce a withholding tax on outgoing interest and royalty flows to low-tax jurisdictions in order to combat tax avoidance. Which part of these payments is affected by this withholding tax?more

22.05.2018The Role of Investment Hubs in FDI, Economic Development and Trade

SEO Amsterdam Economics has studied the role of investment hubs in global FDI and the importance of FDI for international trade and economic development.more

19.04.2017Dutch Export Opportunities in Asia: Is the Netherlands Lagging Behind?

This study identifies the comparative advantages of the Dutch export sectors.more

09.02.2017Impact of Six EU Free Trade Agreements on the Dutch Economy

The European Union is considering six new Free Trade Agreements. The impact of these on the Dutch economy is positive but small. If all six envisaged FTAs take effect simultaneously, Dutch real GDP grows by 0.5 percent.more

03.02.2017Telecommunication in the Dutch Caribbean

This report describes the development of telecommunication markets in the Dutch Caribbean since the transition to the new constitutional status. Improved access to telecommunication services is an important development.more

24.01.2017The value of national commercial radio licences: renewal 2017

The value of Dutch national commercial radio licences in case of renewal from 1 September 2017 to 1 September 2022 was determined to be €8.484 million in total (before tax).more

17.01.2017Code of the Dutch Pension Funds 2015

This report includes the compliance and in-depth study of the Code of the Dutch Pension Funds, conducted on behalf of the Monitoring Committee for the Code of the Dutch Pension Funds.more

23.12.2016Compliance with Corporate Governance Code

This study measures compliance with the principles and best practice provisions of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code in the fiscal year 2015. At 97 percent, overall compliance was high.more

06.12.2016Evaluation pilot project 'Financieringslink'

The pilot Fink aims to make it easier for entrepreneurs to apply for funding and thus stimulates the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises. This evaluation concludes that participants expectations weren’t met.more

07.07.2016Evaluation microfinance

An evaluation of lending to and coaching of (starting) entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises by Qredits.more

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