expertise and research areas

Expertise and research areas

SEO Aviation Economics offers clients assistance in the following fields: 

Connectivity analysis
NetScan is an important diagnostic tool for the assessment of the connectivity capacity of aviation networks: it provides hubs, regional airports, the government and airlines an insight into the competitive strength of the network. Read more about Netscan >

Economic impact studies
We help our clients to assess the economic impact of policy measures, market developments and infrastructure investments using a range of different econometric and network models. NetCost for example, calculates the potential effects of changes in networks, liberalisation and the formation of alliances in terms of the direct economic effects, passenger volume and market shares. See our study on the economic benefits of airspace modernization in Europe for IATA.
Airport traffic forecasting and scenario analysis
Aviadem is a flexible forecasting tool for the forecast needs and scenario issues confronting airports, which need a master planning based on long-term traffic and transport developments. These models place the primary emphasis on risk analyses of potential future market developments rather than on the traditional crystal ball 'forecasts'. 

Catchment area issues
Our catchment area tool provides for the mapping of airport catchment areas at an individual origin-destination level. The tool can also compute the effects of policy measures, changes in networks and airport competition on airport market shares.

Route feasibility

The Route Feasibility Tool provides an insight into new markets with sufficient passenger demand for a direct route. The tool also computes the direct economic benefits of a new connection. Read more about the Route Feasibility Tool >

Airport charges benchmarking
The Airport Charges Benchmark compares the competitive strength of airports in terms of airport fees and government levies. Read more about the Airport Charges Benchmarking Model>

Airport Catchment Area Database
Good airport catchment area data are essential for airlines to assess the feasibility of new routes and frequencies. SEO Aviation Economics offers a unique and standardized European-wide catchment area database. We currently cover a time span of 10 years of historical data. More information on the Airport Catchment Area Database>

Ticket price monitor
Ticket price monitoring by means of web scraping technology

Aviation courses
The SEO Aviation Economics Cluster also organises customised aviation economics courses.

 expertise and research areas