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Study & Work

Elsevier has commissioned SEO Economic Research to survey the position of newly-graduated students from higher education institutions on the labour market for every year since 1997. Each survey polls 20,000 graduates from Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences, who are requested to complete a written questionnaire. The objective of the survey is to determine which study programme currently offers graduates the best opportunities on the labour market, which is also reflected in the name assigned to the research project: "Study & Work".

Are you interested in further analyses of the data, or do you have any other questions? If so, you are welcome to contact Siemen van der Werff.

22 years of 'Study & Work'
Study & Work focuses on more than one hundred of the main study programmes available at higher education institutions, divided approximately equally between higher vocational education institutions and universities. Elsevier publishes an annual theme edition which presents the most important results from the survey. SEO Economic Research publishes a report at the same time as Elsevier's magazine: this presents the scientific substantiation for the survey and is supplemented with two Statistical Annexes listing numerous key figures for all the degree programmes examined during the survey. 

The results can be seen on: The 'Study & Work 2018' Report and the Statistical Annexes can be downloaded free of charge below (in PDF format). 

The Study & Work reports from previous years can be downloaded here.