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26.10.2016London Heathrow's third runway

Guillaume Burghouwt, head of Amsterdam Aviation Economics, is interviewed by BBC Radio 5 about the new runway for Heathrow.more

06.04.2016Economic Benefits of European Airspace Modernization

Our report for IATA estimates the economic benefits of European airspace modernization. more

11.09.2015Guillaume Burghouwt in documentary Seoul Incheon Airport

Documentary about the future of Seoul Incheon Airport. Guillaume Burghouwt talks about the rapid growth of the Asian aviation market.more

07.08.2015Proudly assisting the Dutch government on aviation and airport policy

To70, Decisio, SEO and Twynstra Gudde were recently selected to take part in a framework agreement for the provision of integral consultancy and engineering services on aviation and airports in the Netherlands.more

11.06.2015Guillaume Burghouwt gives key note speech at ASEM Industry Dialogue on Connectivity in China

Guillaume Burghouwt, head of SEO Aviation Economics, was invited to give the key note speech on the importance of connectivity in air transport at the ASEM Industry Dialogue.more

07.07.2015Systemic risk in the energy sector—Is there need for financial regulation?

Article in Energy Policy by SEO researchers Marco Kerste, Jarst Weda, Bert Tieben en Matthijs Gerritsen about systemic risk in the energy sector. more

17.06.2014Press Release: Airport Industry Connectivity Report

In partnership with SEO Aviation Economics, ACI EUROPE presented the Airport Industry Connectivity Report 2004-2014 at its General Assembly in Frankfurt. more

27.11.2013 Airline competition in connecting markets

Samenvatting van het hoofdstuk van Rogier Lieshout en Guillaume Burghouwt in Liberalization in Aviation: Competition, cooperation and publication policy. more

15.01.2013Comparing the performance of models for wider economic benefits of transport infrastructure: results of a Dutch case study

Paper by Arjan Heyma, Bert Hof en Toon van der Hoorn published in Transportation. more

03.09.2012Valuing commercial radio licences

In this paper, it is described how an objective, model-based approach for setting licence fees for commercial radio broadcasting, can be determined.more

03.09.2012 Measuring the size of an airport’s catchment area

This paper presents a novel methodology to assess the size of airport catchment areas and the airport’s market shares therein using a MNL passenger choice model.more

03.09.2012Let's not stick together: anticipation of cartel and merger control in the Netherlands

Does enforcement action by the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) in the case of cartels and mergers produce an anticipatory effect?more

02.08.2011Financing Sustainability

Financing sustainability provides interesting investment opportunities, is the firm statement of this book by Marco Kerste, Nicole Rosenboom, Jarst Weda and Bernd Jan Sikken.more

17.03.2011The Effects of a Dutch High School Curriculum Reform on Performance in and after Higher Education

In this paper the authors examine the effect of a major reform in the last two years of the two highest levels in Dutch secondary education.  more

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