The aviation cluster of SEO Amsterdam Economics is the leading consultancy agent for aviation economics in the Netherlands. In addition to projects in the Netherlands, the cluster is also an important international player.

Our researchers combine a scientific approach with targeted and practical conclusions and solutions. Their work is regularly published in scientific and professional journals in the field of aviation, and they provide lectures, educational programmes, and trainings.

Connectivity Studies

The better an airport is connected with the rest of the world, the more attractive the surrounding areas are for companies to settle and for tourists to visit. The importance of good connectivity for the economy will only increase in a globalising world. Because of this economic importance, connectivity is gaining an increasingly prominent position in policy discussions.

With our unique NetScan connectivity model, we offer insight into the level of connectivity between airports and the rest of the world, and which airports are responsible for these connections. How good is the offered transfer product for transfer passengers, and which airports offer the most interconnections? Our connectivity analyses portray the competitive relationships and, at the same time, expose the strengths and weaknesses of aviation networks.

SEO annually conducts the Monitor Network Quality and State Guarantees on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat). In this monitor, the connectivity of Schiphol is compared to that of competing (transfer) airports in Europe and beyond. Furthermore, we also annually publish the Airport Industry Connectivity Report in collaboration with ACI EUROPE. In this report, the connectivity of all European airports that are affiliated with ACI are monitored. Additionally, we conduct detailed connectivity analyses for foreign governments and airports.

(Economic) Impact Studies (SCBA)

What are the social effects of cost raising measures (such as additional taxes), liberalisation, consolidation, and capacity restrictions on the aviation industry? Changes in costs, aviation networks, and airport capacity influence the demand for aviation. SEO models these demand reactions with the unique selection models NetCost (passage) and NetCargo (cargo). Demand reactions can be interpreted as economic effects and effects on the surroundings. The different effects can be weighed against each other by expressing them in monetary terms as much as possible. To this end, SEO applies the methodology of the Social Cost-Benefit Analysis (SCBA).

SEO has conducted several studies into the social and economic effects of airport capacity expansions, both in the Netherlands and beyond. Furthermore, SEO has researched the effects of the implementation of flight taxes in the Netherlands and Ireland.  As commissioned by IATA, SEO has calculated the social effects of Single European Sky (SES) and airport taxes in Latin America.

Traffic Forecast
In order to make well-timed decisions on policy or investment, it is important to have a clear insight in the future traffic developments of an airport. Comparing the traffic forecast with the available capacity will illustrate the moment when capacity problems occur at an airport.

Our forecast model not only takes into account economic and demographic developments but also (cost) developments in the aviation industry. The model differentiates between different aviation markets, airlines, and types of passengers (business and non-business passengers, and inbound and outbound). This offers a detailed view of the development of different types of traffic on an airport. Emissions can also be linked to the forecasts.

The model has been successfully used for airports for the purpose of their long-term master planning. In addition, our forecast model provides input for impact studies with effects that occur over a longer period of time.

Benchmarks of Airport Charges and Government Levies
An airport’s appeal for airlines and passengers is determined, among others, by the airport’s cost level. SEO has developed a method for comparing the amount of airport charges and government levies of airports, which offers an insight into the cost levels of different airports.

SEO annually performs the Benchmark Study on Airport Charges and Government Levies for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat).

Analysis of Airport Catchment Areas
The scope of an airport’s catchment area is an important determining factor for the potential of new connections. Our unique Airport Catchment Area Database (ACAD) offers insight in the population size and economic power within a certain radius around each European airport. It can be used to compare the strength of the catchment areas of different airports.

For airlines, an insight in catchment areas is crucial in order to estimate the market demand on a new route. Airports can use the information on their catchment area for marketing for airlines.
SEO offers catchment area data and can also conduct analyses of the market potential of new routes. Furthermore, SEO can provide insight in the competition between airports by charting the overlap of their catchment areas.

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Rogier Lieshout
Head of SEO Aviation Economics

r.lieshout@seo.nl / +31 (0)20 525 1672

Rogier Lieshout is Head of SEO Aviation Economics. His research interests include airline and airport competition and the social economic value of air links. Rogier is also Director of Airneth, the world-wide scientific network for aviation research and policy in the Netherlands. Airneth stimulates the exchange of knowledge between academics and policy makers in the field of air transport by regularly organising seminars and workshops on relevant topics. read further >

Joost Zuidberg
Senior Researcher

j.zuidberg@seo.nl / +31 (0)20 525 1659

Joost Zuidberg is a senior researcher at SEO. He has over 10 years of experience with applied economic research in the aviation industry. Therefore, he has excellent knowledge of all the recent aviation-economic developments. Joost specialises in analysing aviation networks, benchmarking airport charges, the development of low-cost carrier networks, and the financial management of airlines and airports. read further >

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