Competition & market forces

We offer independent research, clear conclusions, and practicable advice in the field of competition cases, state support, tenders, and market & government.

Our researchers combine a scientific approach with targeted and practical conclusions and solutions. Their work is regularly published in scientific and professional journals in the field of competition, tenders and state support, and they provide lectures, educational programmes, and trainings.


Fair competition is important for a healthy and innovative economy. Violation of competition regulation nearly always leads to serious losses. We offer support with economic research on the losses experienced by customers of cartels. Furthermore, we examine the size of the relevant market and conduct analyses on the functioning of this market. Our clients in competition cases are companies and lawyers. In our research, we use advanced econometric techniques and the most recent insights from scientific economic literature. In addition to research, we help our clients with advice in competition cases.

We are also commissioned by governments to evaluate competition policy and help foreign governments with the implementation of competition policy. We have created the competition policy for Curaçao, Aruba and St. Maarten.


If you wish to issue a tender contract, a sound design is crucial as this can prevent various problems. We can help you draw up a good tender. Our expertise also includes the evaluation of financial-economic information in bids. For example, we can investigate whether the mentioned costs and interest rates are in line with the prevailing market. Have you lost a tender, do you believe that a tender has been wrongfully withheld, or do you think mistakes were made during the tendering process? For matters such as these, you can also enlist our expertise.

State Support, Market & Government

Does our subsidy scheme comply with European regulations for state support? Does it involve an economic activity? Or a public interest? Does a measure lead to interruption of competition? Does it affect trade traffic? For our clients, we examine the compliance with European regulations for state support. We judge whether a measure is in line with the prevailing market and advise our clients on how they can comply with state support regulations.

Do you, as a government, undertake economic activities? Do these activities really contribute to a public interest? Or are you an entrepreneur who is faced with unfair competition by the government? We examine whether this is in compliance with the Dutch market and government regulations. We also advise companies and governments on the application of market and government regulations.

Functioning of markets
Are you faced with or deciding on insourcing and would you like to know whether that is the best way to organize a specific market? Or do you want research on the functioning of your market? We analyse the functioning of market and bring to light what aspects may deter the optimal competition in the market. This type of research is mainly performed for trade associations and government institutions.

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Please feel free to contact Koert van Buiren.

Koert van Buiren
Business & financial director and Head of Competition Economics / +31 (0)20 525 1630

Koert is Business & Financial Director and Head of SEO' Competition Economics practice. He has extensive experience in research and consultancy service in the fields of state aid, market and state, tendering and market forces in general. Furthermore, Koert has extensive experience with policy evaluation research and is consulted as an expert for economic damage trials. read further >

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