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The Labour & Education cluster offers independent research on various aspects of education, the labour market, the transition between the two, and in what ways it can be affected by policy. Taking your research question as a starting point, we help you to collect relevant quantitative and/or qualitative information. We distinguish ourselves by our knowledge of state-of-the-art (econometric) research methods through which, for instance, we can identify and explain effects.

Our researchers specialise in the application of scientific research techniques, with a good eye for answering your specific question. This combination of science, policy, and practice is upheld by continuously keeping up to date with current science but also through site visits and participating in the public debate.

Broad Education Research
Education has always been one of the focal points in our research portfolio and we have expertise in all educational sectors, from early childhood education through higher education. Our research is focused on all those involved with education, such as students, parents, teachers, school leaders and administrators, and it focuses both on the field of study progress and on educational organisation. During the past years, we have conducted a lot of research on continuous curriculum strands, equal opportunities, costs and financing, the Associate Degree, refresher courses for teachers, and the educational labour market in general. Do you wish to know beforehand, during, or afterwards what kind of implications certain measures or innovations will bring about or have brought about? In all cases, we have methods available for determining this, but we are also straightforward about the limitations of our methods and research. Based on our findings, we can help you by giving advice on what will or will not work – to a greater or lesser extent, and in the short or long run.

Connection Between Education and Labour Market
What is a smart choice of study programme for students? What should study programmes focus on? Where can companies find new, young employees who have the right qualifications? At the junction between two markets – the market for education and the labour market – different parties are brought together that each have their own interests. These parties first of all benefit from the best possible information on supply, demand, prices and results. We specialise in offering information that is not readily available but follows from a closer analysis of demand, supply, and prices over a longer period of time, or between different actors and groups in both markets. Are there still issues between supply and demand in or between both markets, despite the availability of sufficient information? Then we will investigate what these issues are, how they have come to be, and how they can be properly remedied.

Dynamics in Labour Demand and Supply
The labour market is not static but is continuously moving. The quality and quantity of supply and demand are ever changing, which means the labour market has to continually adapt. Good examples of this are progressing technological innovation (robotisation, automation), internationalisation and labour migration, flexibilisation and types of labour contracts, ageing and dejuvenation. These adjustments often do not happen automatically or quickly enough for those involved. In that case, (policy) intervention is a logical solution. With our knowledge, expertise, and research methods, we can show what the labour market dynamics look like (monitoring), how issues can arise (analysis), how they can be solved (policy advice), how effective or efficient interventions in the labour market are (effects evaluation), and to what extent the (social) benefits outweigh the costs (cost-benefit analysis).

Would you like to know what we could do for your organisation?

Please feel free to contact Arjan Heyma, Siemen van der Werff of Djoerd de Graaf.

Arjan Heyma
Head of Labour & Education / +31 (0)20 525 1656

Arjan Heyma is Head of SEO Amsterdam Economics' Labour & Education practice (since 2006). He is specialised in the combination of microeconometric analyses with policy research. read further >

Siemen van der Werff
Senior Researcher / +31 (0)20 525 1689

Siemen van der Werff is a labour economist and has 10 years of experience with research on the labour market. He is an expert in the field of labour market policy and micro econometrics. read further >

Djoerd de Graaf
Senior Researcher / +31 (0)20 525 1663

Djoerd de Graaf is a senior researcher and serves as the contact person in the field of education research for both internal and external parties. read further >

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