Social security

Social security

The challenge for the social security system is to provide sufficient income security without taking away the stimulus to work. What is the optimal level of income security? How can all parties involved in social security be stimulated to help people get to work?

We can answer various questions you might have about competition in social security, financial stimuli, measuring the effects of policy, and the costs and benefits of interventions.

There are private and public players involved in the market for social security. Important questions for the government include: Does the hybrid market for disability insurance work? Is there sufficient competition between different insurers and between insurers and the UWV (Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen)? Private parties may have questions about unfair competition by public competitors. We can help by answering these questions for you.

Financial Stimuli and Funding Systematics
What are the best financial stimuli for implementors (municipality/UWV), employers and employees in order to drive back the use of social security? We are experienced in designing and evaluating funding systematics. We have designed a new distribution model for the distribution of social security budgets across municipalities. We can advise municipalities on the budget they have received for social security. In this, we will also answer questions such as: how is my budget made up? Why is there a deficit or surplus?

Evaluation and Impact Studies
What are the implications of policies, such as continued pay in case of illness, the implementation of the Work and Social Assistance Act (Participatiewet), or premium differentiation? We also research the effects of specific interventions by municipalities, the UWV or private service providers to help people find a job. Such analyses are performed on behalf of the government, municipalities, UWV and private insurers, using surveys or advanced econometric methods based on personal data from the CBS.

Cost-benefit analysis
Following on the impact studies, the costs and benefits of specific interventions can be calculated. This can be done for specific actors, such as municipalities or UWV. But it can also be done for society as a whole.  

We have written a Working Guide for performing cost-benefit analyses in the social domain. This guide is mandatory for all cost-benefit analyses performed for the government.

Would you like to know what we could do for your organisation?

Please feel free to contact Lucy Kok, Marloes Lammers or Caren Tempelman.

Lucy Kok
Head of Healthcare and Social Security / +31 (0)20 525 1630

Lucy Kok has been working at SEO since 1 November 2000 as head of the group Health Care & Social Security. She has a broad overview of quantitative and qualitative research methods and sound knowledge of health care, social security, pension regulations, and the childcare industry. read further >

Marloes Lammers
Senior Researcher / +31 (0)20 525 1632

Marloes Lammers has a doctorate in labour economics and has 10 years of experience with research in the field of labour, social security, and health care. read further >

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