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We offer independent research in the field of Sustainability & Energy.

Questions about sustainability and energy are characterised by the public objectives of affordable, clean and reliable energy. SEO Amsterdam Economics' thorough, innovative research supports government and business policy decision-making within this triangle. Which tools can enable companies to make a cost-efficient contribution to energy conservation and sustainable energy targets? What are the social costs and benefits of additional investment in sustainability and renewable energy? What are the conditions for efficient and effective regulation of distribution network operation in the energy market?

These are questions to which SEO Amsterdam Economics has supplied a wide range of clients with valuable research and policy advice: from distribution network operators to the Government, from energy companies and NGOs to regulators. Our researchers have up-to-date knowledge of sustainability and the functioning of the energy market throughout the entire chain: from production, transport and distribution through to delivery.

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Please feel free to contact Bert Tieben or Bert Hof.

Bert Tieben
Methodologist / +31 (0)20 525 1644

Bert Tieben is methodologist at SEO Amsterdam Economics. His expertise lies in energy issues such as the regulation of network companies in the energy sector and the social costs and benefits of sustainable energy. He also carries out research into market organisation issues in private and semi-public markets such as the higher education market and the provision of consultancy services on the implementation of the Competition Act. read further >

Bert Hof
Senior Researcher / +31 (0)20 525 1662

Bert Hof has over 15 years of experience with applied economic research as project leader, researcher, and supervisor. His research covers a wide variety of subjects and research techniques, focusing on policy evaluations, social cost-benefit analysis (SCBA), the energy market, governance codes, and the gambling market. read further >

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