Tools to raise funding in the cultural sector

Publication number: 2010-34
Authors: M. Kerste, J. Poort, N. Rosenboom, J. Weda
Commissioned by: Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
Published by: SEO Economic Research
ISBN: 978-90-6733-608-6

Many organizations and projects in the cultural sector are subsidized, and legitimate reasons can be advanced for this. But now that the sector faces the challenge of tapping alternative sources of funding, various obstacles have emerged. Subsidies have often suppressed the need for other types of funding, and the cultural and financial worlds do not yet understand each other’s languages properly. The existing public funding tools also present some hurdles, with the result that they are not being fully utilized by the cultural sector. Creative industries such as the media sector, architecture and design are more market-driven, but gains could be made there too.

The aim of this study is to provide a better understanding of tools that could assist the cultural and creative sectors to raise funds. It focuses mainly on generic central government tools in various areas of the cultural and creative sectors: heritage, museums, performing arts, visual arts, literature, cinema, new media, design and architecture.

Category: 2011, Nicole Rosenboom