Second opinion SCBA Holwerd aan Zee

Publication number: 2015-10
Author: C. Koopmans
Commissioned by: Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
Published by: SEO Amsterdam Economics
ISBN: 978-90-6733-836-3

The village of Holwerd in northern Friesland has developed the plan Holwerd aan Zee (Holwerd at Sea), which entails the construction of an open water connection between Holwerd and the Wadden Sea to promote tourism. This would also save dredging costs in the Wadden Sea. Witteveen+Bos has performed a social cost-benefit analysis (SCBA) of this plan. SEO has issued a second opinion regarding this SCBA.

The main conclusions of the second opinion are:

  • Generally speaking, the SCBA was executed properly;
  • A problem analysis and alternatives for Holwerd aan Zee are lacking. The presentation of the SCBA is somewhat unfortunate;
  • The plan Holwerd aan Zee may have added social value, but whether this is true is not yet apparent from the SCBA. Further research on dredging volumes, dredging costs, quality of life benefits and the wishes of holidaymakers is needed.

Category: 2016, Carl Koopmans