The Passenger Potential of Twente Airport

Publication number: 2010-29
Authors: J. Veldhuis
Commissioned by: Vereniging Omwonenden Luchthaven Twente
Published by: SEO Economic Research

The Province of Overijssel is about to take a decision on 16 June 2010 about the
future development of Twente Airport. Based on its own assumptions, the Province
foresees in 2020 a range of 190.000 to 5.200.000 passengers. This estimation has not
yet taken into account a further growth until 2030. For the analysis in the Cost
Benefit Analysis, carried out for the year 2030, the Province has assumed a passenger
number of 1,2 millions, together with 30.000 tons of air cargo.
The Vereniging Omwonenden Luchthaven Twente (VOLT-Twente) has asked SEO
Economic Research in Amsterdam to bring out a second opinion on the plausibility
of these projections. Given the very short time available for this analysis, no new
model computations have been made, nor have new data been collected and used.
Nevertheless, this second opinion entails a short analysis of realistic order of
magnitude of the passenger potential to be expected.

Category: 2010, Jan Veldhuis, SEO Aviation Economics