Mandatory industry-wide pension plans and the general pension fund

Publication number: 2015-70
Authors: L. Kok, S.G. van der Lecq, E. Lutjens, N. Rosenboom, B. Tieben & I. Witte
Commissioned by: Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment & Ministry of Finance
Published by: SEO Amsterdam Economics
ISBN: 978-90-6733-788-5

This study was prompted by the desire of mandatory industry-wide pension funds to expand in scale to a general pension fund. A general pension fund is allowed to administer multiple pension plans and therefore is not bound to a specific industry. It does, however, have to maintain separate assets. This study focuses on the possible adjustment of mandatory participation in an industry-wide pension fund, enabling a general pension fund to administer mandatory industry-wide pension plans as well.
The study shows that only making the industry-wide pension plan mandatory is not in conflict with competition law. The trend towards consolidation will be enhanced by adjusting the obligation. It is expected that sufficient players will remain on the market to ensure effective competition.

Category: 2015, Lucy Kok, Nicole Rosenboom, Bert Tieben, Healthcare & Social Security