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01.07.2015Expanding Airport Capacity: Competition, Connectivity and Welfare

Discussion of Options for Gatwick and Heathrowmore

01.07.2015Market Response to Airport Capacity Expansion: Additional estimates airline responses

This report presents the results of modelled estimates for the impact of airline responses on competition, connectivity and scarcity rents following capacity expansion at Gatwick or Heathrow.more

01.07.2015Review of submissions: competition impacts

This report assesses the submissions by the stakeholders in relation to competition impacts and compares them with the ITF/SEO results and the literature.more

01.07.2015Scarcity rents and airport charges

This report addresses the responses related to scarcity rents and airport charges.more

01.07.2015On the mechanisms that can potentially influence connectivity outcomes in the UK

The Airports Commission asked ITF/SEO to assist the Commission with reviewing any mechanisms that may help enhance the regional and long-haul connectivity outcomes in case of expansion.more

30.06.20152015 Airport Industry Connectivity Report

This report is an update of 'Airport Industry Connectivity Report 2004-2014'. It's focused on more recent developments and charting how Europe’s connectivity has evolved over the past 12 months.more

04.09.2015Five Years of Air France - KLM

This study shows that Air France-KLM has broadly kept to the terms of the State Assurances in the five years following the merger. more

30.04.2015Benchmark Study on Airport Charges and Government Levies

Only three of the airports examined are cheaper than Schiphol (Brussels, Istanbul and Dubai). The main competing hubs – London Heathrow, Frankfurt and Paris Charles de Gaulle – are much more expensive.more

10.04.2015Monitoring Survey of Network Quality and State Guarantees

The Schiphol network developed substantially between 2013 and 2014. A combination of new destinations and increased frequency of flights to major hubs results in improved direct, indirect and hub connectivity.more

03.02.2015Airport industry Connectivity report 2004-2014

The increase in airport connectivity in Europe over the past 10 years has been impressive – but it has clearly not been linear and has also been very much contrasted.more

16.12.2014Expanding Airport Capacity: Competition and Connectivity

The case of Gatwick and Heathrowmore

06.02.2015Short and Medium-Term Forecasting Model for Airports

What would happen if more flights were to be moved to regional airports? How many passengers would switch to German or Belgian airports if a flight tax were to be introduced in the Netherlands?more

19.03.2015Benchmark Study on the International Connectivity of the Southern Randstad

The results of this study provide information on the international connectivity of the Southern Randstad compared with that of fifty competing European regions.more

27.08.2014Benchmark Study on Airport Charges and Government Levies

This report provides information on the trend in total aeronautical revenue from airport charges and government levies at Schiphol Airport in comparison with competing airports.more

23.01.2014Criteria for a Social Cost-Benefit Analysis

The Northern Audit Office asked SEO Economic Research to produce a brief document setting out the criteria that a social cost-benefit analysis (SCBA) for airport infrastructure needs to meet.more

24.01.2014Assessment of the Strategic Plan for Groningen Airport Eelde

SEO assessed the strategic plan of Groningen Airport Eelde for the next ten years. more

13.06.2013Public investments in space

Design of a methodology to evaluate the direct and indirect economic and social benefits of public investments in space.more

24.10.2012Better Jobs

This report researches the economic effects of the Dutch participation in the JSF program. more

27.06.2012Airport Competition in Europe

This report shows that the flexibility and choices available to airlines and passengers now constrain the commercial behaviour of airports.more

06.01.2012The role of regional airports in a future transportation system

This study addresses how European regions are connected by air to other regions in Europe. It observes large differences between European regions, based on several distinguished regional and airport characteristics. more

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