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30.09.2013Technicians: Mobile but Rooted

There are fears of an acute shortage in the technology sector. This survey shows that the problem is not so much the intake of staff as the fact that large numbers of technically trained people opt for jobs outside the technical...more

11.02.2013The Value of Renewing Mobile Licences – Update: Results of the Auction and Renewal Charges

This report assesses the value that renewing the current mobile communication licences represents, based on the results of the multiband auction.more

31.01.2013Unfair business practices

This report examines whether existing legislation and self-regulation is sufficient to prevent unfair business practices. more

23.10.2013Developments in Competition Regulation

Essay by Barbara Baarsma for the WRR (Scientific Council for Government Policy) project The Future of Regulation.more

22.01.2013Construction and Jobs

The aim of this study is to analyse the effects on employment of energy-saving policy for residential buildings.more

11.01.2013Towards Competition at the Tap

The draught beer market within the hospitality industry is not working properly: choice is limited and prices are often excessive. The solution is more competition at the tap.more

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