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29.10.2013News and the market

What is the state of news provision in the Netherlands and what is the government’s role from an economic perspective?more

28.10.2013The value of Europeana

What is the social economic value of continued investment in Europeana to maintain and extend its current ambition level in terms of services and infrastructure in the years 2015-2020?more

20.06.2013The Dutch corporate governance code and its monitoring

This report investigates the efficiency and effectiveness of the Dutch corporate governance code and the system of legal embedding and monitoring.more

11.06.2013Out of the Shadows of the Banking System

Facts and figures about bijzondere financiele instellingen (special financial institutions) and the shadow banking system.more

22.01.2013Construction and Jobs

The aim of this study is to analyse the effects on employment of energy-saving policy for residential buildings.more

30.09.2013Industrial Relocation: Update 2012

How is the idea of industry rapidly relocating to low-wage countries panning out in 2012? This report surveys the relocation of production and employment to other countries.more

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