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25.08.2015Consumer Behaviour: Online Legal and Illegal Gambling

This report examines the factors that influence consumers’ decisions to gamble online.more

01.07.2015Expanding Airport Capacity: Competition, Connectivity and Welfare

Discussion of Options for Gatwick and Heathrowmore

01.07.2015Market Response to Airport Capacity Expansion: Additional estimates airline responses

This report presents the results of modelled estimates for the impact of airline responses on competition, connectivity and scarcity rents following capacity expansion at Gatwick or Heathrow.more

01.07.2015Review of submissions: competition impacts

This report assesses the submissions by the stakeholders in relation to competition impacts and compares them with the ITF/SEO results and the literature.more

01.07.2015Scarcity rents and airport charges

This report addresses the responses related to scarcity rents and airport charges.more

01.07.2015On the mechanisms that can potentially influence connectivity outcomes in the UK

The Airports Commission asked ITF/SEO to assist the Commission with reviewing any mechanisms that may help enhance the regional and long-haul connectivity outcomes in case of expansion.more

30.06.20152015 Airport Industry Connectivity Report

This report is an update of 'Airport Industry Connectivity Report 2004-2014'. It's focused on more recent developments and charting how Europe’s connectivity has evolved over the past 12 months.more

10.08.2015Trends in Spending Power among the Post-Active Population

The spending power of the elderly declined more in the 2009-2013 period than that of people in work, mainly owing to a reduction in supplementary pension income.more

12.08.2015Risk Adjustment Research Working Group 736: Foreign Seasonal Workers

Insurers are being overcompensated for foreign seasonal workers. Foreign seasonal workers who worked in the Netherlands in 2012 show a positive result of about 320 euros per insured per year.more

11.08.2015Actual and Perceived Bureaucracy

How much bureaucracy accompanied the provision of special educational needs to pupils before the introduction of Appropriate Education in the Netherlands? This baseline study examines the bureaucracy.more

04.09.2015Five Years of Air France - KLM

This study shows that Air France-KLM has broadly kept to the terms of the State Assurances in the five years following the merger. more

04.09.2015The Value of Dietetics for Malnourished Hospital Patients

Treatment of malnourished hospital patients by dietitians yields substantial annual returns. more

12.08.2015Study into Promoting Kingdom Trade

SEO Economic Research was commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations to study the experience and needs of companies in their business with Latin America.more

25.08.2015A Local Division of the Unified Patent Court in the Netherlands

This report gives the results of the study commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs into the costs and benefits of a local division of the Unified Patent Court.more

26.10.2015Distribution of Impaired workers among Hiring Employers

Baseline survey of the employment agreement under the Employment Agreement and Occupational Impairment Quota Actmore

25.08.2015Transparency about Returns

How are the social effects of the Open Government actions measured?more

30.04.2015Benchmark Study on Airport Charges and Government Levies

Only three of the airports examined are cheaper than Schiphol (Brussels, Istanbul and Dubai). The main competing hubs – London Heathrow, Frankfurt and Paris Charles de Gaulle – are much more expensive.more

10.04.2015Monitoring Survey of Network Quality and State Guarantees

The Schiphol network developed substantially between 2013 and 2014. A combination of new destinations and increased frequency of flights to major hubs results in improved direct, indirect and hub connectivity.more

13.08.2015Impact evaluation of a more open Higher Education Systemin the Netherlands

An additional number of higher education institutions were allowed to enter the regulated education market in the Netherlands from 2007 to 2015. The main aim of permitting new entrants was to evaluate their impact on the dynamics...more

10.04.2015The Environment as a Green Motor for the Economy

This document is the first step in the research programme of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment that aims at bringing economics and policy closer together in the field of green growth.more

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