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29.05.2014Breathing Again

Treating asthma and COPD patients brings various benefits. Read the full report of the study commissioned by De Long Alliantie Nederland here.more

27.05.2014The Pharmaceutical Industry in the Public Debate

There has been criticism in the media of pharmaceutical manufacturers that develop new drugs. To what extent is that criticism based on fact?more

22.05.2014Distribution of the Participation Budget among Local Authorities

This study develops an allocation key for distributing participation budgets among local authorities.more

24.02.2014Long-Term Effects of Active Labor Market Policies

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment would like to know whether Active Labor Market Policies improve long-term chances of employment. This study answers this question.more

11.08.2014Return on Courses for the Functionally Illiterate

About 10% of the Dutch population is functionally illiterate. Regional Education Centres organize courses to reduce functional illiteracy. This study calculates the costs and benefits of these courses.more

08.04.2013The value of employment/education program Learn2Work

This report shows the results of Learn2Work in comparison to other employment/education programs aimed at the same target group. more

19.12.2012Components for an Allocation Model for Participation Budgets

What allocation model can be used to distribute participation budgets among local authorities?more

04.10.2012Cost benefit analysis of dietary treatment

This report gives an overview of the costs and benefits of dietary advice to patients who are overweight and also have related diseases.more

04.10.2012Remuneration of medical specialists

In this report the incomes of Dutch medical specialists are compared with those of their colleagues in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.more

01.10.2012The value of logopaedics

What proportion do the costs of speech therapy bear to the benefits?more

23.08.2012The Value of the 'Support Children Now' Programme

The aim of the Support Children Now programme is to provide integrated child care facilities for young children, based on the principle that every child has a right to child care. What are the costs and benefits?more

26.03.2012Costs and benefits of home support for psychiatric patients

Home support is to provide practical assistance at home. What are the costs and benefits of home support for psychiatric patients?more

23.03.2012The effects of introducing sick pay by employment agencies

This report investigates the effects of a sick payment obligation for employment agencies. more

09.12.2011Fit-4-Work: an ex-ante cost-benefit analysis

Fit-4-Work is an intervention to get people with mental health problems back on the labour market. This report gives insight into the potential costs and benefits of Fit-4-Work.more

30.11.2011Separate, joint or integrated?

This report is about active labour market policy for unemployed on social assistance and unemployment benefits. more

26.10.2011Costs and Benefits of Home Counselling for Families

Home counselling is intensive, temporary, practical assistance to families in their own homes. What are the costs and benefits?more

12.10.2011Reintegration: what works for whom?

This report shows what kind of reintegration tools work for whom. more

20.02.2011Comparing municipal reintegration policy

Since reintegration measures, because of cuts, have to be used more selective, it is important to know what efforts have the greatest return. In this report, 74 municipal studies are compared.more

14.01.2011The Costs and Benefits of Welfare and Social Services

Demand for information on the effects and returns of preventive interventions in the welfare sector has been steadily growing for some years now. This report presents cost-benefit analyses of seven welfare projects.more

30.09.2010Transferring retirement savings

Does the system of transferring retirement savings needs a review? In this report we examine the practice of transferring pension rights.    more

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