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25.05.2012Costs and Benefits of CO2 emission reduction measures

This report shows what the welfare gains from an ambitious climate policy are and with which technology options an ambitious climate policy can be designed. more

19.03.2012Demand stimulus for education participation

This research examines the effects of demand-driven funding via a voucher on education participation.more

20.12.2012Efficient and effective regulation

This report includes an opinion on the efficiency and effectiveness of the tariff regulation process of network management in the energy market.more

27.10.2011Curtailing Commodity Derivative Markets

This report analyzes the consequences of regulating over-the-Counter (OTC) derivatives trading in the energy sector. more

21.12.2010Investing in fire safety

This report contains a social cost-benefit analysis of three specific policy alternatives to increase the fire safety in houses. more

26.02.2010Quality regulation of electricity supply and the large-scale consumer

This report investigates whether and how the preferences of large consumers can be included in the quality regulation of electricity supply or other government policies.more

01.12.2009OECD-Review of Higher Education Institutions in Regional and City Development: Self-evaluation report of Amsterdam

Institutions of higher education in the metropolitan region Amsterdam must improve cooperation with industry. Only then the region can best reap the benefits of innovation in higher education.more

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