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31.01.2013Unfair business practices

This report examines whether existing legislation and self-regulation is sufficient to prevent unfair business practices. more

11.01.2013Towards Competition at the Tap

The draught beer market within the hospitality industry is not working properly: choice is limited and prices are often excessive. The solution is more competition at the tap.more

09.10.2012Unseen, unsold?

This report examines the leading position of Funda in the housing information market. (in Dutch)more

01.10.2012Improvement must come from both sides

How do financial advisors experience the supervision on their actions by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets?more

17.07.2012Market Monitor of Private-Sector Vocational Training Providers

How many private-sector providers of vocational training courses were active in the market in 2010? What are their characteristics? And who are the people who use their services?more

20.12.2012Efficient and effective regulation

This report includes an opinion on the efficiency and effectiveness of the tariff regulation process of network management in the energy market.more

31.10.2011An international comparison of the abuse-of-dominance provision

This study compares the number of competition law cases concerning abuse of a dominant position in the Netherlands with other jurisdictions.more

29.06.2011Tools to raise funding in the cultural sector

Many organizations and projects in the cultural sector are faced with the challenge of finding funding sources other than government subsidies. This report examines the tools that could be used to raise funds. more

12.04.2011Sectorstudy Property Finance

This study examines the operation of market forces in the property finance sector, based on Structure, Behaviour and Performance indicators.more

28.02.2011Mortgage Regulation and Public Interests

How effective is the mortgage market regulation and policy framework?more

24.01.2011Anticipation on cartel and concentration control

This report investigates the anticipation effect of competition regulation. To what extent do companies and their advisers take supervision by the Nma into account? more

15.11.2010From cultivation to shelf

This report examines the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables and the role of wholesalers.more

31.08.2010Innovations in financing environmental and social sustainability

This report discusses innovative financial instruments that can help to increase ecological and social sustainable investments. more

31.08.2010Carbon Trading

This report highlights the (lack of) success of carbon trading so far and room for improvement as well as its impact on investments in emission reduction.more

31.08.2010Sustainable Investment

At the request of Duisenberg School of Finance, this report highlights leading literature and empirical findings on ‘sustainable investment’, amongst others addressing the economic rationale for CSR and SRI.more

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