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20.06.2011Study & Work 2011

The labor market position of higher educated starters has deteriorated, especially for HBO graduates. That is the most important conclusion of Study & Work 2011. more

20.06.2011Non-take-up of Income Support Measures

This report examines how large the non-use of five types of income support was in the years 2006 to 2008.more

01.05.2011Within-City or Greenfields?

This report examines the social costs and benefits of various urbanization strategies up to 2020.more

12.03.2011Copyright in the digital era

This report examines the opinions and experiences of creators and performers concerning copyright in the digital era. more

12.04.2011Sectorstudy Property Finance

This study examines the operation of market forces in the property finance sector, based on Structure, Behaviour and Performance indicators.more

07.04.2011Relocating Horticulture for Housing

What are the social costs and benefits of relocating horticulture in order to build housing?more

31.03.2011Economic Consequences of the Q Fever Outbreak

SEO was commissioned by the Province of Noord-Brabant to calculate the economic consequences of the Q fever outbreak during the 2007-2010 period, during which the disease cost an estimated 161-336 million euros.more

23.03.2011The effects of an employment contract fund on the postal market

This report provides an elaboration of the employment contract fund recommended by Ruud Vreeman with the demands of the unions and the relevant laws and regulations taking into account.more

21.03.2011Addendum: the Value of Commercial Radio Licences

In this addendum SEO Economic Research discusses the revisions made to the valuation method based on the reactions provided.more

02.03.2011Update of the Regional labor market figures and forecasts 2011

This update includes current insights on the labor market: the creation of jobs and the number of residents of North-Holland, and revised forecasts for the short and medium term based on current figures.more

28.02.2011Mortgage Regulation and Public Interests

How effective is the mortgage market regulation and policy framework?more

28.02.2011Market gardens in times of crisis

This report contains a comparative business analysis of market gardens. more

20.02.2011Comparing municipal reintegration policy

Since reintegration measures, because of cuts, have to be used more selective, it is important to know what efforts have the greatest return. In this report, 74 municipal studies are compared.more

03.05.2011Assessing the Economic Contribution of the Copyright-Based Industries

This position paper argues that the usefulness of the World Intellectual Property Organization guide is limited.more

24.01.2011Anticipation on cartel and concentration control

This report investigates the anticipation effect of competition regulation. To what extent do companies and their advisers take supervision by the Nma into account? more

14.01.2011The Costs and Benefits of Welfare and Social Services

Demand for information on the effects and returns of preventive interventions in the welfare sector has been steadily growing for some years now. This report presents cost-benefit analyses of seven welfare projects.more

10.01.2011Monitor Associate degree 2006-2010

This report examines the Associate degree. more

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