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09.10.2012Stress test municipality of Haarlemmermeer

This report shows the results of a stress test for the finances of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer (in Dutch). more

09.10.2012Unseen, unsold?

This report examines the leading position of Funda in the housing information market. (in Dutch)more

04.10.2012Remuneration of medical specialists

In this report the incomes of Dutch medical specialists are compared with those of their colleagues in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.more

01.10.2012Key Economic Data on Dutch Cinema

What is the economic importance of the Dutch film sector?more

01.10.2012The value of logopaedics

What proportion do the costs of speech therapy bear to the benefits?more

01.10.2012Improvement must come from both sides

How do financial advisors experience the supervision on their actions by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets?more

01.10.2012Effect of housing situation on labour supply

This report provides insight into the effects of the housing situation of households and housing institutions on the labor supply of different segments of the workforce.more

05.09.2012Into the Gap

The labor market matches workers and jobs. These matches are not always perfect. The future labor market will be characterized by quantitative and qualitative mismatch.more

28.08.2012Stress test municipality of Breda

This report shows the results of a stress test for the finances of the municipality of Breda. more

23.08.2012The Value of the 'Support Children Now' Programme

The aim of the Support Children Now programme is to provide integrated child care facilities for young children, based on the principle that every child has a right to child care. What are the costs and benefits?more

30.09.2013Incentives to Productivity

How can the Dutch government offer the same high-quality services with fewer people? This report explores three financial incentives that could help to achieve this.more

17.07.2012Market Monitor of Private-Sector Vocational Training Providers

How many private-sector providers of vocational training courses were active in the market in 2010? What are their characteristics? And who are the people who use their services?more

09.07.2012Obstacles to a legal digital supply in the creative industries

This report analyses the factors that may hinder the supply of and demand for digitally distributed music, audiovisual content, games and books in the Netherlands.more

05.07.2012Mediation 2.0

This paper shows why mediation as a neutral service to two parties in conflict lags behind expectations and shows where innovation is possible.more

27.06.2012Airport Competition in Europe

This report shows that the flexibility and choices available to airlines and passengers now constrain the commercial behaviour of airports.more

24.06.2012The Future of Freshwater

This survey looks at the effects of the four Delta Scenarios on the uses of Freshwater with policy remaining unchanged (current policy).more

15.06.2012Report by the Baarsma Committee

This report makes recommendations on keeping expenditure on specialist medical care and curative mental healthcare manageable.more

14.06.2012Study & Work 2012

Study & Work 2012 analyzes the current position of HBO and WO graduates and the relevance of their study based on data for the years 1999-2012.more

06.06.2012Profit and loss-making insured

This analysis shows that in the current equalization system it is still possible to identify foreseeable more profit-making and foreseeable more loss-making groups.more

26.05.2012Innovation Impulse for Education: Baseline Survey

This report sets out the results of the first round of periodic surveys into outcome measures from five experiments involving innovations in the organization of education (IIO, Innovation Impulse for Education).more

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