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30.09.2013Study & Work 2013

Study & Work 2013 analyses the current position of graduates and how relevant their qualifications are, based on data for 1999-2013.more

30.09.2013The Labour Market Position of Young Tax Experts

The labour market position of young tax experts is still good, although the demand from tax consultancy firms has gone down as a result of the economic crisis.more

30.09.2013Technicians: Mobile but Rooted

There are fears of an acute shortage in the technology sector. This survey shows that the problem is not so much the intake of staff as the fact that large numbers of technically trained people opt for jobs outside the technical...more

30.09.2013What Makes Older Employees Attractive?

Older job applicants have less chance of finding employment than younger ones, even if they are equally suitable for a vacancy. Why is that? And how effective are measures to make older employees more attractive?more

04.12.20122012 update on North Holland’s Regional Labour Market Figures and Forecasts

This report updates the labour market figures and forecasts for the Labour Market and Education Monitor published by the Province of North Holland since 2009.more

24.10.2012Better Jobs

This report researches the economic effects of the Dutch participation in the JSF program. more

01.10.2012Effect of housing situation on labour supply

This report provides insight into the effects of the housing situation of households and housing institutions on the labor supply of different segments of the workforce.more

05.09.2012Into the Gap

The labor market matches workers and jobs. These matches are not always perfect. The future labor market will be characterized by quantitative and qualitative mismatch.more

14.06.2012Study & Work 2012

Study & Work 2012 analyzes the current position of HBO and WO graduates and the relevance of their study based on data for the years 1999-2012.more

26.05.2012Innovation Impulse for Education: Baseline Survey

This report sets out the results of the first round of periodic surveys into outcome measures from five experiments involving innovations in the organization of education (IIO, Innovation Impulse for Education).more

27.01.2012The future of employment in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region until 2016

This report charts the developments of the labor market in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region between 2012 and 2016. There will be a labor shortage.more

17.12.2011An exploration of the future public labor market

This report charts the future labor market problems of the public sector.more

29.09.2011Economic impact of labour migration: displacement effects 1999-2008

Despite the substantial growth in the number of Eastern European labour migrants between 1999-2008, displacement of Dutch employees has hardly taken place.more

20.06.2011Study & Work 2011

The labor market position of higher educated starters has deteriorated, especially for HBO graduates. That is the most important conclusion of Study & Work 2011. more

02.03.2011Update of the Regional labor market figures and forecasts 2011

This update includes current insights on the labor market: the creation of jobs and the number of residents of North-Holland, and revised forecasts for the short and medium term based on current figures.more

10.01.2011Monitor Associate degree 2006-2010

This report examines the Associate degree. more

04.12.2010Public sector wages

In this report wages in the public sector are compared to private sector wages. more

29.11.2010Bridging the Gap: International Database on Employment and Adaptable Labour

This report is about the Lisbon employment targets. Due to the financial crisis, they are not yet achieved. The long-term challange remains. more

29.04.2010What moves highly skilled migrants?

This report analyses the behaviour of the highly skilled immigrant. more

29.03.2010International Bachelor Law & Economics (IBLE)

This report answers the question: does the labor market benefit from a new Law & Economics bachelor program?more

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