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06.02.2015Short and Medium-Term Forecasting Model for Airports

What would happen if more flights were to be moved to regional airports? How many passengers would switch to German or Belgian airports if a flight tax were to be introduced in the Netherlands?more

27.02.2015Proposed Social Policy Scheme

A permanent job for everyone is increasingly becoming a utopian dream. How can we promote labour market flexibility without this going at the expense of people who do not have a permanent job?more

19.03.2015Benchmark Study on the International Connectivity of the Southern Randstad

The results of this study provide information on the international connectivity of the Southern Randstad compared with that of fifty competing European regions.more

20.05.2015Exploratory Study into the Effect of Student Loans on Intake into Multi-Year Master’s Programmes

As students taking multi-year Master’s programmes will be faced with additional cost once the student loan system is introduced, there is a fear that intake into these programmes could decrease. Is this a plausible fear?more

08.10.2014Malnutrition Underestimated

Illness-related malnutrition is a problem in the Netherlands. What does malnutrition cost Dutch society? What would be the costs and benefits of administering medical nutritional drinks in cases of malnutrition?more

07.10.2014Foreign Seasonal Workers: Records Available for Risk Adjustment

The aim of this study was to ascertain whether there are clear and complete records of foreign seasonal workers.more

08.10.2014Safe Sedation Outside the Operating Theatre

The cost of introducing the new Sedation Outside the Operating Theatre guideline will be greater than the benefit in the case of some types of treatment, according to the main conclusion of this report.more

01.10.2014Economic Effects of Restricting Tobacco Outlets

What would the economic effects of restricting the number of tobacco outlets be? This report identifies the economic effects on retail outlets if they were to be banned from selling tobacco.more

29.05.2014Breathing Again

Treating asthma and COPD patients brings various benefits. Read the full report of the study commissioned by De Long Alliantie Nederland here.more

27.05.2014(Cost)effectiveness of reintegration services for Dutch jobseekers on unemployment benefits (2008-2011)

A large part of the reintegration services for jobseekers who started to collect unemployment insurance benefits (WW) between 1 April 2008 and 1 October 2010 has made positive and significant contributions to the return to work.more

27.05.2014The Pharmaceutical Industry in the Public Debate

There has been criticism in the media of pharmaceutical manufacturers that develop new drugs. To what extent is that criticism based on fact?more

21.05.2014Work and Social Assistance Act Allocation Model developed for 2015

The trend model developed in this report enables benefit budgets to be allocated to local authorities. It is based on historical expenditure plus the objective trend in benefit expenditure.more

22.05.2014Distribution of the Participation Budget among Local Authorities

This study develops an allocation key for distributing participation budgets among local authorities.more

27.08.2014Benchmark Study on Airport Charges and Government Levies

This report provides information on the trend in total aeronautical revenue from airport charges and government levies at Schiphol Airport in comparison with competing airports.more

24.02.2014Long-Term Effects of Active Labor Market Policies

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment would like to know whether Active Labor Market Policies improve long-term chances of employment. This study answers this question.more

23.01.2014Criteria for a Social Cost-Benefit Analysis

The Northern Audit Office asked SEO Economic Research to produce a brief document setting out the criteria that a social cost-benefit analysis (SCBA) for airport infrastructure needs to meet.more

24.01.2014Assessment of the Strategic Plan for Groningen Airport Eelde

SEO assessed the strategic plan of Groningen Airport Eelde for the next ten years. more

17.12.2013Corporate Governance at Water & Energy Company Bonaire N.V.

Study into decision-making and accountability in the WEB Ecopower project and recommendations on improving governance.more

11.08.2014Return on Courses for the Functionally Illiterate

About 10% of the Dutch population is functionally illiterate. Regional Education Centres organize courses to reduce functional illiteracy. This study calculates the costs and benefits of these courses.more

04.12.2013Literature Survey on Extramural Treatment of People with Sensory Impairments

This literature review provides information on the characteristics of insured persons that are predictive of extramural treatment.more

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