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17.12.2013Corporate Governance at Water & Energy Company Bonaire N.V.

Study into decision-making and accountability in the WEB Ecopower project and recommendations on improving governance.more

11.08.2014Return on Courses for the Functionally Illiterate

About 10% of the Dutch population is functionally illiterate. Regional Education Centres organize courses to reduce functional illiteracy. This study calculates the costs and benefits of these courses.more

12.12.2013Costs and Benefits to Government of Amendments to Government Information (Public Access) Act

Various proposals have been made to amend the Government Information (Public Access) Act (Wob). What costs and benefits would this bring for government?more

04.12.2013Literature Survey on Extramural Treatment of People with Sensory Impairments

This literature review provides information on the characteristics of insured persons that are predictive of extramural treatment.more

28.11.2013The Position of Home Buyers

This report sets out the results of a problem analysis of the market for newly built owner-occupied homes and puts forward possible solutions.more

27.11.2013Flexibility@Work 2013

Yearly report on flexible labor and employmentmore

29.10.2013News and the market

What is the state of news provision in the Netherlands and what is the government’s role from an economic perspective?more

28.10.2013The value of Europeana

What is the social economic value of continued investment in Europeana to maintain and extend its current ambition level in terms of services and infrastructure in the years 2015-2020?more

27.08.2013The innovation-enhancing effects of network neutrality

This report describes the essential economic mechanisms behind the innovation-enhancing working of network neutrality: the open and non-discriminatory functioning of the internet.more

08.07.2013The Socioeconomic Situation of Long-Term Flexitime Employees

During the last decade, employees in temporary and flexitime jobs have tended to remain in the flexible workforce longer and have become less likely to move on to permanent jobs. What socioeconomic impact does this have on them?more

30.09.2013Study & Work 2013

Study & Work 2013 analyses the current position of graduates and how relevant their qualifications are, based on data for 1999-2013.more

30.09.2013The Labour Market Position of Young Tax Experts

The labour market position of young tax experts is still good, although the demand from tax consultancy firms has gone down as a result of the economic crisis.more

13.06.2013Public investments in space

Design of a methodology to evaluate the direct and indirect economic and social benefits of public investments in space.more

11.06.2013Out of the Shadows of the Banking System

Facts and figures about bijzondere financiele instellingen (special financial institutions) and the shadow banking system.more

10.06.2013Competition in the seed industry

This report analyses competition in the seed industry, with a focus on firms active in the Netherlands.more

13.08.2013Regulation of fixed and mobile termination charges

The tariff for call termination – a service that connects calling parties of different networks – is regulated. This report compares two methods to determine for which costs price cap regulation needs to account for.more

05.06.2013Evaluation of the Postal Regulation

This report evaluates the Postal Regulation, in particular the adequacy of the tariff-setting rules and the intervention possibilities should a tariff (proposal) not meet these rules.more

05.06.2013Expensive sugar

This research explains the increase of the European sugar price in terms of the regulation, the price structure and market structure. more

05.05.2013The Impact of the Executives’ Pay (Standards) Act and Regulation on the Pay of Housing Association Directors

A survey of the effects of the maximum pay limits on the pay of housing association directors.more

08.04.2013The value of employment/education program Learn2Work

This report shows the results of Learn2Work in comparison to other employment/education programs aimed at the same target group. more

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