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19.03.2015Options and Switching Behaviour of Business Mail Senders

A study of the switching behaviour and price-sensitivity of business mail senders.more

18.12.2014Impacts of Expanding Airport Capacity on Competition and Connectivity

The case of Gatwick and Heathrowmore

16.12.2014Expanding Airport Capacity: Competition and Connectivity

The case of Gatwick and Heathrowmore

27.02.2015The Market for Subscriber Information Services

The Ministry of Economic Affairs considers relaxation the restrictions on the use of 18xy telephone numbers for subscriber information services. This study provides information on this market and the effects of such relaxation.more

27.02.2015The Value of Job Characteristics

What is the relationship between non-pecuniary benefits and job characteristics (‘fringe benefits’) on the one hand and gender wage differences on the other?more

06.02.2015Evaluation of Tax Schemes to Facilitate Business Transfers

There are various tax schemes in the Netherlands to facilitate corporate succession and business transfers. But are they necessary, efficient and effective in achieving the policy objectives?more

19.03.2015Occupational therapy is Worthwhile

For every euro spent on the treatment of community dwelling elderly with dementia by an occupational therapist, society receives 7.40-11.80 euros; the treatment of children with writing problems yields 1.60-1.70 euros.more

06.02.2015Evaluation of the 'In the Shadow of the Court' model

The Council for the Judiciary has developed a model, 'In the Shadow of the Court', to assess the influence of various factors on the numbers of court cases and transactions. Is the model doing what it was designed for?more

20.11.2014Cross-Border Availability of Personnel

As we all know, EU enlargement has resulted in an increase in the numbers of labour migrants from Eastern Europe. But how many are there really, and what effects are they having on Dutch workers?more

13.08.2015Impact evaluation of a Master’s Degree for Teachersin the Netherlands

What is the impact of a Master’s degree for teachers in the Netherlands, on both teacher quality and student performance?more

19.03.2015Wind Turbines and Prosperity

What are the social costs and benefits of investing in North Sea wind power? Do wind turbines really cause damage amounting to 5 billion euros? This study looks at the facts.more

27.02.2015STAN Labour Market Barometer North Holland 2014

How is the labour market of the province of Noord Holland expected to fare in 2014&2015? The STAN Labour Market Barometer Noord-Holland presents up-to-date estimates of the labour market.more

06.02.2015The Decline in the Number of Beneficiaries under the Sheltered Employment Act

This report updates the figures for the decline in the number of beneficiaries under the Sheltered Employment Act by local authority based on the latest information. The figures are adjusted for the fact that intake into the...more

06.02.2015Short and Medium-Term Forecasting Model for Airports

What would happen if more flights were to be moved to regional airports? How many passengers would switch to German or Belgian airports if a flight tax were to be introduced in the Netherlands?more

27.02.2015Proposed Social Policy Scheme

A permanent job for everyone is increasingly becoming a utopian dream. How can we promote labour market flexibility without this going at the expense of people who do not have a permanent job?more

19.03.2015Benchmark Study on the International Connectivity of the Southern Randstad

The results of this study provide information on the international connectivity of the Southern Randstad compared with that of fifty competing European regions.more

20.05.2015Exploratory Study into the Effect of Student Loans on Intake into Multi-Year Master’s Programmes

As students taking multi-year Master’s programmes will be faced with additional cost once the student loan system is introduced, there is a fear that intake into these programmes could decrease. Is this a plausible fear?more

08.10.2014Malnutrition Underestimated

Illness-related malnutrition is a problem in the Netherlands. What does malnutrition cost Dutch society? What would be the costs and benefits of administering medical nutritional drinks in cases of malnutrition?more

07.10.2014Foreign Seasonal Workers: Records Available for Risk Adjustment

The aim of this study was to ascertain whether there are clear and complete records of foreign seasonal workers.more

19.08.2014Energy policy after 2020

Economic arguments to pursue energy policy for non-climate related reasons.more

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