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19.12.2019Environmental impact of disruptions and airspace inefficiencies in Europe

SEO estimated the climate impacts of disruptions and airspace inefficiencies in Europemore

25.06.2018Secondary Slot Trading at Schiphol

Airlines support a system of bilateral negotiation. This jeopardises transparency. Monitoring is required to gain insight into the effects.more

22.05.2018The Role of Investment Hubs in FDI, Economic Development and Trade

SEO Amsterdam Economics has studied the role of investment hubs in global FDI and the importance of FDI for international trade and economic development.more

18.05.2017Evalution fiscal entrepreneurship

In the Netherlands there are several fiscal policies with as their primary goal to stimulate entrepreneurship. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has commissioned SEO Amsterdam Economics to analyze the effectiveness and efficiency...more

10.02.2017Public investments in the Netherlands

This report presents trends in public investments up until and including 2014.more

09.02.2017Impact of Six EU Free Trade Agreements on the Dutch Economy

The European Union is considering six new Free Trade Agreements. The impact of these on the Dutch economy is positive but small. If all six envisaged FTAs take effect simultaneously, Dutch real GDP grows by 0.5 percent.more

03.02.2017Telecommunication in the Dutch Caribbean

This report describes the development of telecommunication markets in the Dutch Caribbean since the transition to the new constitutional status. Improved access to telecommunication services is an important development.more

31.01.2017Cross-subsidization by booksellers and publishers

This report examines the phenomenon of cross-subsidization between book titles by publishers and booksellers in the Netherlands. The main objective is to provide quantitative insight into the degree of cross-subsidization. more

23.12.2016Compliance with Corporate Governance Code

This study measures compliance with the principles and best practice provisions of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code in the fiscal year 2015. At 97 percent, overall compliance was high.more

12.10.2016The curse of the winning taxi

A study into the problem of abnormally low tenders in the taxi transportation sector.more

12.07.2016Handbook for cost-benefit analysis of health care, education and labour market policies

Publication number: 2016-11A, 2016-11B Authors: C. Koopmans, A. Heyma, B. Hof, M. Imandt, L. Kok, M. Pomp Commissioned by: Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Ministry of Social...more

06.07.2016Economic opportunities for the Dutch cyber security sector

SEO and VKA present an exploratory study of the Dutch cyber security sector.more

20.06.2016Market & Government passport photos

This study analyses the passing-on of the full operating costs of passport photo booths by the Municipality of Amsterdam.more

12.02.2016Outsourcing in the gaming sector: safeguarding public interests

This research report deals with the question of how public interests can be safeguarded if gaming operators outsource business processes.more

12.08.2015Study into Promoting Kingdom Trade

SEO Economic Research was commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations to study the experience and needs of companies in their business with Latin America.more

14.04.2015Collective Bargaining Agreements in flux

What has been agreed in collective bargaining agreements during the past decade that could boost long-term employability and external mobility?more

06.02.2015Evaluation of Tax Schemes to Facilitate Business Transfers

There are various tax schemes in the Netherlands to facilitate corporate succession and business transfers. But are they necessary, efficient and effective in achieving the policy objectives?more

06.02.2015Evaluation of the 'In the Shadow of the Court' model

The Council for the Judiciary has developed a model, 'In the Shadow of the Court', to assess the influence of various factors on the numbers of court cases and transactions. Is the model doing what it was designed for?more

01.10.2014Economic Effects of Restricting Tobacco Outlets

What would the economic effects of restricting the number of tobacco outlets be? This report identifies the economic effects on retail outlets if they were to be banned from selling tobacco.more

27.05.2014The Pharmaceutical Industry in the Public Debate

There has been criticism in the media of pharmaceutical manufacturers that develop new drugs. To what extent is that criticism based on fact?more

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