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12.06.2018The rise and growth of the gig economy in the Netherlands

The rise and growth of the gig economy raises the question of to what extent this work is new or different compared to traditional work. more

05.12.2016Quick scan 4 - Evaluation of sector plans

SEO and ecbo perform the monitoring and evaluation of the Regeling Cofinanciering Sectorplannen (scheme for co-financing of sector plans). This fourth quick scan assesses the progress of the planned measures.more

26.10.2016Attracting and retaining highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands

Empirical analysis shows that highly skilled migrants stay in the Netherlands longer if their partner is employed.more

11.07.2016Note Burden on benefits by the flexible workforce 2006-2014

An analysis of the inflow of permanent and flexible workers into social security between 2006 and 2014.more

16.06.2016Study & Work 2016

This report examines the labour market position of higher vocational and university graduates.more

22.04.2016Working perspectives for older employees

Whereas the employment rate of people aged 55 and over has increased dramatically, the chance of finding employment has actually deteriorated for over-55's. This employment chance is mainly determined by the ratio between...more

15.12.2015Severance pays for senior executives in the (semi) public sector

SEO investigated the effects of the stipulations regarding the dismissal of senior executives in the public sector. Is maximizing the severance pay at € 75,000 effective and practically feasible?more

17.11.2015Quick scan 3 - Evaluation sector plans

SEO and ecbo perform the monitoring and evaluation of the Regeling Cofinanciering Sectorplannen (scheme for co-financing of sector plans). This third quick scan assesses, amongst other things, the progress of the planned measures.more

25.08.2015Consumer Behaviour: Online Legal and Illegal Gambling

This report examines the factors that influence consumers’ decisions to gamble online.more

19.03.2015Options and Switching Behaviour of Business Mail Senders

A study of the switching behaviour and price-sensitivity of business mail senders.more

20.05.2015Exploratory Study into the Effect of Student Loans on Intake into Multi-Year Master’s Programmes

As students taking multi-year Master’s programmes will be faced with additional cost once the student loan system is introduced, there is a fear that intake into these programmes could decrease. Is this a plausible fear?more

15.07.2014Economic Contribution of Copyright-Relevant Industries in the Netherlands

This study finds that copyright and related rights play a role in 6% of the Dutch economy.more

27.05.2014(Cost)effectiveness of reintegration services for Dutch jobseekers on unemployment benefits (2008-2011)

A large part of the reintegration services for jobseekers who started to collect unemployment insurance benefits (WW) between 1 April 2008 and 1 October 2010 has made positive and significant contributions to the return to work.more

08.07.2013The Socioeconomic Situation of Long-Term Flexitime Employees

During the last decade, employees in temporary and flexitime jobs have tended to remain in the flexible workforce longer and have become less likely to move on to permanent jobs. What socioeconomic impact does this have on them?more

30.09.2013Study & Work 2013

Study & Work 2013 analyses the current position of graduates and how relevant their qualifications are, based on data for 1999-2013.more

05.05.2013The Impact of the Executives’ Pay (Standards) Act and Regulation on the Pay of Housing Association Directors

A survey of the effects of the maximum pay limits on the pay of housing association directors.more

30.09.2013What Makes Older Employees Attractive?

Older job applicants have less chance of finding employment than younger ones, even if they are equally suitable for a vacancy. Why is that? And how effective are measures to make older employees more attractive?more

14.06.2012Study & Work 2012

Study & Work 2012 analyzes the current position of HBO and WO graduates and the relevance of their study based on data for the years 1999-2012.more

29.09.2011Economic impact of labour migration: displacement effects 1999-2008

Despite the substantial growth in the number of Eastern European labour migrants between 1999-2008, displacement of Dutch employees has hardly taken place.more

20.06.2011Study & Work 2011

The labor market position of higher educated starters has deteriorated, especially for HBO graduates. That is the most important conclusion of Study & Work 2011. more

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