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04.09.2015Five Years of Air France - KLM

This study shows that Air France-KLM has broadly kept to the terms of the State Assurances in the five years following the merger. more

09.12.2009The Implications of the Irish Air Travel Tax

In this report the financial and economic implications of the ATT in Ireland are examined. more

01.12.2009OECD-Review of Higher Education Institutions in Regional and City Development: Self-evaluation report of Amsterdam

Institutions of higher education in the metropolitan region Amsterdam must improve cooperation with industry. Only then the region can best reap the benefits of innovation in higher education.more

06.03.2009Turistika: model scenario's 2008-2012 (part IV)

How does tourism from abroad affect production and job opportunities in a local economy? In which sectors does this production appear and what type of labour demand does it create?more

16.01.2009Ups and downs. Economic and cultural effects of file sharing on music, film and games

The main aim of this study is to identify the short- and long-term economic and cultural effects of file sharing on music, films and games.more

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