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27.05.2016Long-term scenarios for Schiphol

This report is an exploration of the possible development of Schiphol Airport until 2040 and the related spatial consequences.more

01.07.2015Expanding Airport Capacity: Competition, Connectivity and Welfare

Discussion of Options for Gatwick and Heathrowmore

01.07.2015Market Response to Airport Capacity Expansion: Additional estimates airline responses

This report presents the results of modelled estimates for the impact of airline responses on competition, connectivity and scarcity rents following capacity expansion at Gatwick or Heathrow.more

18.12.2014Impacts of Expanding Airport Capacity on Competition and Connectivity

The case of Gatwick and Heathrowmore

06.02.2015Short and Medium-Term Forecasting Model for Airports

What would happen if more flights were to be moved to regional airports? How many passengers would switch to German or Belgian airports if a flight tax were to be introduced in the Netherlands?more

27.06.2012Airport Competition in Europe

This report shows that the flexibility and choices available to airlines and passengers now constrain the commercial behaviour of airports.more

06.01.2012The role of regional airports in a future transportation system

This study addresses how European regions are connected by air to other regions in Europe. It observes large differences between European regions, based on several distinguished regional and airport characteristics. more

02.05.2010The Passenger Potential of Twente Airport

The Province of Overijssel is about to take a decision on 16 June 2010 about the future development of Twente Airport Based on its own assumptions. The VOLT has asked SEO Economic Research to bring out a second opinion.more

09.12.2009The Implications of the Irish Air Travel Tax

In this report the financial and economic implications of the ATT in Ireland are examined. more

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