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18.05.2017Evalution fiscal entrepreneurship

In the Netherlands there are several fiscal policies with as their primary goal to stimulate entrepreneurship. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has commissioned SEO Amsterdam Economics to analyze the effectiveness and efficiency...more

31.01.2017Cross-subsidization by booksellers and publishers

This report examines the phenomenon of cross-subsidization between book titles by publishers and booksellers in the Netherlands. The main objective is to provide quantitative insight into the degree of cross-subsidization. more

06.12.2016Evaluation pilot project 'Financieringslink'

The pilot Fink aims to make it easier for entrepreneurs to apply for funding and thus stimulates the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises. This evaluation concludes that participants expectations weren’t met.more

03.10.2016The Competition Act in primary health care

Does the Competition Act (Mededingingswet) limit the collaboration between primary health care providers? If so, does it concern actual obstacles or is it the result of uncertainties amongst primary health care providers about...more

07.07.2016Evaluation microfinance

An evaluation of lending to and coaching of (starting) entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises by Qredits.more

22.06.2016Effects of an expanded patent law exemption in non-agricultural sectors

This report maps out the potential effects of an expanded plant breeders’ exemption in patent law for non-agricultural sectors, such as the pharmaceutical industry, biobased economy and chemistry.more

20.06.2016Market & Government passport photos

This study analyses the passing-on of the full operating costs of passport photo booths by the Municipality of Amsterdam.more

12.02.2016Outsourcing in the gaming sector: safeguarding public interests

This research report deals with the question of how public interests can be safeguarded if gaming operators outsource business processes.more

15.12.2015On closer inspection

On 1 July 2015 the law on copyright contracts for filmmakers was changed. This report analyses the necessity and consequences of the new policy.more

18.11.2015Mandatory industry-wide pension plans and the general pension fund

This study focuses on the possible adjustment of mandatory participation in an industry-wide pension fund, enabling a general pension fund to administer mandatory industry-wide pension plans as well.more

13.11.2015Evaluation Act merger assessment (Wet fusietoets)

In collaboration with ResearchNed, Peter Huisman and Frans de Vijlder, SEO Amsterdam Economics has performed a legal evaluation of the Wet fusietoets (Act merger assessment). They advise a fundamental reassessment of the act.more

25.08.2015Consumer Behaviour: Online Legal and Illegal Gambling

This report examines the factors that influence consumers’ decisions to gamble online.more

27.02.2015The Market for Subscriber Information Services

The Ministry of Economic Affairs considers relaxation the restrictions on the use of 18xy telephone numbers for subscriber information services. This study provides information on this market and the effects of such relaxation.more

20.03.2015Free Play: Towards a New Market Order for the Land-Based Gambling Market

The Dutch gambling market is to be modernized. SEO Economic Research analysed some scenarios for changes in the current restrictive market order in 2012.more

06.02.2015Evaluation of Tax Schemes to Facilitate Business Transfers

There are various tax schemes in the Netherlands to facilitate corporate succession and business transfers. But are they necessary, efficient and effective in achieving the policy objectives?more

28.11.2013The Position of Home Buyers

This report sets out the results of a problem analysis of the market for newly built owner-occupied homes and puts forward possible solutions.more

20.06.2013The Dutch corporate governance code and its monitoring

This report investigates the efficiency and effectiveness of the Dutch corporate governance code and the system of legal embedding and monitoring.more

11.06.2013Out of the Shadows of the Banking System

Facts and figures about bijzondere financiele instellingen (special financial institutions) and the shadow banking system.more

05.06.2013Expensive sugar

This research explains the increase of the European sugar price in terms of the regulation, the price structure and market structure. more

11.02.2013The Value of Renewing Mobile Licences – Update: Results of the Auction and Renewal Charges

This report assesses the value that renewing the current mobile communication licences represents, based on the results of the multiband auction.more

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