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02.02.2017Highly educated people of 35-44 years old in the risk equalization

Health insurers are overcompensated for highly educated people between 35 and 44 years old.more

22.12.2016Effects modernization Sickness Benefits Act

One-year reassessment and premium differentiation in the new Sickness Benefits Act result in increased outflow from the Sickness Benefits Act.more

04.10.2016Update of data for distribution model Participation Act 2017

In order to determine the provisional budgets for municipalities for 2017, the data used in the distribution model of the Participation Act should be updated.more

04.10.2016Distribution model income portion Participation Act 2017

The government distributes the money for social assistance benefits amongst municipalities. In this study, the distribution model is further developed based on register data regarding all Dutch citizens.more

22.08.2016Wmo Veenendaal

Do higher personal contributions result in the avoidance of Wmo care in the Municipality of Veenendaal? This study shows the extent and consequences of care avoidance.more

07.07.2016WOR 782 Foreign seasonal workers

Insurers are overcompensated for non-residents as part of the risk equalization. In 2013, the overcompensation amounted to € 75 to € 667 per insured year.more

29.06.2016Thermometer Wsw

This study looks at how the actual development of the numbers and the expenditure by municipalities for the existing Wsw population relates to the assumptions that are made in the Participation Act.more

12.08.2015Risk Adjustment Research Working Group 736: Foreign Seasonal Workers

Insurers are being overcompensated for foreign seasonal workers. Foreign seasonal workers who worked in the Netherlands in 2012 show a positive result of about 320 euros per insured per year.more

07.10.2014Foreign Seasonal Workers: Records Available for Risk Adjustment

The aim of this study was to ascertain whether there are clear and complete records of foreign seasonal workers.more

21.05.2014Work and Social Assistance Act Allocation Model developed for 2015

The trend model developed in this report enables benefit budgets to be allocated to local authorities. It is based on historical expenditure plus the objective trend in benefit expenditure.more

22.05.2014Distribution of the Participation Budget among Local Authorities

This study develops an allocation key for distributing participation budgets among local authorities.more

04.12.2013Literature Survey on Extramural Treatment of People with Sensory Impairments

This literature review provides information on the characteristics of insured persons that are predictive of extramural treatment.more

15.04.2013Benefits of the Olympic Plan

The Olympic Plan 2028 covers a lot more than just the Olympic Games. What are the total benefits of the Plan, including non-financial effects?more

19.12.2012Components for an Allocation Model for Participation Budgets

What allocation model can be used to distribute participation budgets among local authorities?more

19.12.2012The Decline in the Number of Beneficiaries under the Sheltered Employment Scheme

This report re-assesses the decline in the number of beneficiaries under the Sheltered Employment Scheme by local authority, based on the latest figures.more

10.12.2012Re-estimation of the Allocation Model for the Work and Social Assistance Scheme and the Historic Distribution of the New Target Group

This report discusses the distribution of funding for the Work according to Capacity Act (WWNV) among local authorities.more

04.10.2012Remuneration of medical specialists

In this report the incomes of Dutch medical specialists are compared with those of their colleagues in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.more

06.06.2012Profit and loss-making insured

This analysis shows that in the current equalization system it is still possible to identify foreseeable more profit-making and foreseeable more loss-making groups.more

23.03.2012The effects of introducing sick pay by employment agencies

This report investigates the effects of a sick payment obligation for employment agencies. more

20.06.2011Non-take-up of Income Support Measures

This report examines how large the non-use of five types of income support was in the years 2006 to 2008.more

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