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22.12.2010Market shares authorized insurance 2009

This report provides the key data of the authorized insurance offices in 2010.more

21.12.2010Investing in fire safety

This report contains a social cost-benefit analysis of three specific policy alternatives to increase the fire safety in houses. more

11.12.2010Cost effectivity of the domain monopoly of bailiffs

This study provides two solutions for a more cost-effective design of collection procedures. more

04.12.2010Public sector wages

In this report wages in the public sector are compared to private sector wages. more

29.11.2010Bridging the Gap: International Database on Employment and Adaptable Labour

This report is about the Lisbon employment targets. Due to the financial crisis, they are not yet achieved. The long-term challange remains. more

26.11.2010Economic contribution of EU industries relying on exceptions and limitations to copyright

Many industries use exceptions to copyright through the production process or as a stimulus to consumer demand. What is the economic size of these sectors?more

15.11.2010From cultivation to shelf

This report examines the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables and the role of wholesalers.more

14.11.2010Evaluation of commission rules for complex products

The market players largely adhere to the rules on transparency regarding costs and services of complex financial products. However, this is not always done with the greatest of conviction. more

30.09.2010Transferring retirement savings

Does the system of transferring retirement savings needs a review? In this report we examine the practice of transferring pension rights.    more

31.08.2010Innovations in financing environmental and social sustainability

This report discusses innovative financial instruments that can help to increase ecological and social sustainable investments. more

31.08.2010Carbon Trading

This report highlights the (lack of) success of carbon trading so far and room for improvement as well as its impact on investments in emission reduction.more

31.08.2010Financing the Transition to Sustainable Energy

Investments in sustainable energy are essential in view of economic and population growth, climate change as well as energy security, but face specific risks and inconclusive financial attractiveness.more

31.08.2010Sustainable Investment

At the request of Duisenberg School of Finance, this report highlights leading literature and empirical findings on ‘sustainable investment’, amongst others addressing the economic rationale for CSR and SRI.more

18.06.2010Choice in the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ)

This report answers the question: To what extent are clients in the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ) able to make conscious choices (or have them chosen by relatives and representatives) between providers?more

13.05.2010Lelystad Airport employment monitor

This benchmark study gives the initial impetus to a system to periodically monitor traffic volume and jobs created at Lelystad Airport.more

02.05.2010The Passenger Potential of Twente Airport

The Province of Overijssel is about to take a decision on 16 June 2010 about the future development of Twente Airport Based on its own assumptions. The VOLT has asked SEO Economic Research to bring out a second opinion.more

29.04.2010What moves highly skilled migrants?

This report analyses the behaviour of the highly skilled immigrant. more

02.04.2010The value of commercial radio licenses

In this report the value of the extension of radio licenses is determined. more

29.03.2010International Bachelor Law & Economics (IBLE)

This report answers the question: does the labor market benefit from a new Law & Economics bachelor program?more

26.02.2010Quality regulation of electricity supply and the large-scale consumer

This report investigates whether and how the preferences of large consumers can be included in the quality regulation of electricity supply or other government policies.more

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