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21.12.2011Strengthening the occupational mix in education – 2011

This report shows which teachers promote to a higher salary scale with help of the strengthening of the occupational mix and what promotion criteria this is based on.more

17.12.2011An exploration of the future public labor market

This report charts the future labor market problems of the public sector.more

15.12.2011Market Shares of Authorized Insurance Agents 2010

This report presents the most important data on authorized insurance agents in 2010.more

14.12.2011Towards a Future-Proof Model for Authorized Insurance Agents

This report looks at the remuneration system for authorized agents in the insurance distribution channel.more

09.12.2011Fit-4-Work: an ex-ante cost-benefit analysis

Fit-4-Work is an intervention to get people with mental health problems back on the labour market. This report gives insight into the potential costs and benefits of Fit-4-Work.more

30.11.2011Separate, joint or integrated?

This report is about active labour market policy for unemployed on social assistance and unemployment benefits. more

31.10.2011An international comparison of the abuse-of-dominance provision

This study compares the number of competition law cases concerning abuse of a dominant position in the Netherlands with other jurisdictions.more

31.10.2011The Wealth of the City

Dutch museums received 379 million euros in government subsidy in 2007, and all these subsidies are now coming under pressure. The question is what the Netherlands would lose if they were to be cut back.more

27.10.2011Curtailing Commodity Derivative Markets

This report analyzes the consequences of regulating over-the-Counter (OTC) derivatives trading in the energy sector. more

26.10.2011Costs and Benefits of Home Counselling for Families

Home counselling is intensive, temporary, practical assistance to families in their own homes. What are the costs and benefits?more

24.10.2011Digitally Binding

Since 2005 the Netherlands has had resale price maintenance (RPM) for Dutch and Frisian-language printed books. How possible and desirable would it be to introduce resale price maintenance for e-books as well?more

15.10.2011Getting Contract Taxi Services on Track

This report examines the economic causes of the (alleged) poor profitability of Dutch contract taxi services.more

12.10.2011Reintegration: what works for whom?

This report shows what kind of reintegration tools work for whom. more

07.10.2011Evaluation of the NMa market scan ‘Passenger transport by rail’

This report provides an economic assessment of the NMa market scan 'Passenger transport by rail'.more

29.09.2011Economic impact of labour migration: displacement effects 1999-2008

Despite the substantial growth in the number of Eastern European labour migrants between 1999-2008, displacement of Dutch employees has hardly taken place.more

25.09.2011Trust matters

A report with facts and figures about the trust sector. What does the trust sector do and what is the economic interest?more

29.07.2011Sustainable agricultural production

What is the role of government in investment in sustainable agricultural production? This report answers this question from an economic perspective for the (1) Dutch pig and (2) Dutch greenhouse vegetable industry. more

18.07.2011Terms of Employment for Civil Servants

What are the costs and benefits for the government of harmonizing the legal position of civil servants?more

29.06.2011Tools to raise funding in the cultural sector

Many organizations and projects in the cultural sector are faced with the challenge of finding funding sources other than government subsidies. This report examines the tools that could be used to raise funds. more

25.06.2011The Social Costs and Benefits of the Childcare Guarantee Fund

This report answers two questions: on balance, does the existence of the Childcare Guarantee Fund contribute to prosperity in the broad sense, and what could be improved?more

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