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20.03.2015Free Play: Towards a New Market Order for the Land-Based Gambling Market

The Dutch gambling market is to be modernized. SEO Economic Research analysed some scenarios for changes in the current restrictive market order in 2012.more

20.06.2013The Dutch corporate governance code and its monitoring

This report investigates the efficiency and effectiveness of the Dutch corporate governance code and the system of legal embedding and monitoring.more

13.06.2013Public investments in space

Design of a methodology to evaluate the direct and indirect economic and social benefits of public investments in space.more

15.04.2013Benefits of the Olympic Plan

The Olympic Plan 2028 covers a lot more than just the Olympic Games. What are the total benefits of the Plan, including non-financial effects?more

28.03.2013Overseeing the Overseers

A survey of the economic effects of five cases of public-private partnership under the Smart Regulation, Good Connections programme (Sggv).more

19.12.2012Components for an Allocation Model for Participation Budgets

What allocation model can be used to distribute participation budgets among local authorities?more

19.12.2012The Decline in the Number of Beneficiaries under the Sheltered Employment Scheme

This report re-assesses the decline in the number of beneficiaries under the Sheltered Employment Scheme by local authority, based on the latest figures.more

10.12.2012Re-estimation of the Allocation Model for the Work and Social Assistance Scheme and the Historic Distribution of the New Target Group

This report discusses the distribution of funding for the Work according to Capacity Act (WWNV) among local authorities.more

30.09.2013What Makes Older Employees Attractive?

Older job applicants have less chance of finding employment than younger ones, even if they are equally suitable for a vacancy. Why is that? And how effective are measures to make older employees more attractive?more

04.12.20122012 update on North Holland’s Regional Labour Market Figures and Forecasts

This report updates the labour market figures and forecasts for the Labour Market and Education Monitor published by the Province of North Holland since 2009.more

01.12.2012Dare to Measure

Final report of the Expert Working Group on Impact Measurement (Theeuwes Committee).more

30.09.2013Industrial Relocation: Update 2012

How is the idea of industry rapidly relocating to low-wage countries panning out in 2012? This report surveys the relocation of production and employment to other countries.more

04.10.2012Cost benefit analysis of dietary treatment

This report gives an overview of the costs and benefits of dietary advice to patients who are overweight and also have related diseases.more

05.11.2012Stress test municipality of Zoetermeer

This report shows the results of a stress test for the finances of the municipality of Zoetermeer (in Dutch).more

31.10.2012Flexible Copyright

This study analyses the law and economics of introducing flexibility in the system of exceptions and limitations in Dutch copyright law.more

24.10.2012Stress test municipality of Tilburg

This report shows the results of a stress test for the finances of the municipality of Tilburg (in Dutch).more

24.10.2012Better Jobs

This report researches the economic effects of the Dutch participation in the JSF program. more

24.10.2012Better late than never

This report is about ex ante monitoring of the Dutch postal market. more

17.10.2012We've got to change track

This report concludes that the current market for commercial passenger transport on waterways does not work and must be adapted to cope with the increasing scarcity. more

09.10.2012Stress test municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg

This report shows the results of a stress test for the finances of the municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg (in Dutch).more

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