In principle, all our research is published

Publication of research
In general, SEO reports are published to guarantee our autonomy and academic quality. Publication enables colleagues to carry out academic reviews of our reports and enables everyone to assess our autonomy. As our research is often of relevance to society, publication also contributes to well-informed discussions.

Confidential research
However, SEO Economic Research also carries out confidential research for clients who have valid reasons for requesting confidentiality. We reach precise agreements with clients for whom we carry out confidential research. However, when - contrary to the agreements - public references are made to a confidential report or excepts are published then SEO Economic Research will publish the entire report. All SEO Economic Research's reports state the identity of the client who requested the research that resulted in the publication.

Central to the mission of SEO Economic Research is independent applied research commissioned by government and business. Independence means that SEO research is done: 

  • without bias, political affiliation or personal interests;
  • by arrangement with the client, but without the client being (also) determining the research results;
  • without research results being dependent from financial interests.

Research results follow from expert application of generally accepted scientific principles and theories. Conclusions are based on objective interpretation of facts and a (statistical) sound analysis of the research material. Clients must have confidence that the integrity of the researchers involved in the investigation in question can be drawn.

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